Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yep, That's Burned, Too

Day 17-Friday, July 1, 2011

Today, I stayed in casa to work on a project. I did some chores: burned our trash (you burn trash here instead of garbage dumps. Also, fun fact, you cant flush toilet paper here, so you have to throw used TP into a garbage and then burn that, too. SO....i did some smelly burning today. One day when Bekah and I were walking back from the school, we smelled what we thought was a BBQ and we were like "OH MY GOSH THAT SMELLS SO GOOD". lies. it was the trash burning. nasty.
Then I did some sweeping outside and in (youd be so proud of me, mom. cleaning week. haha). I then worked on putting the Bible Storying cloth into a powerpoint with the English and Spanish words on top of them and the page number of the corresponding story in the picture Bible. that took quite a while!
Then i helped make pizza, ran, and then we ate dinner and watched the Count of Monte Cristo-great movie! The girls so kindly watched Pretty Little Liars with me after, even though none of them have ever seen it. They did it out of kindness since my birthday is tomorrow...they MAY have liked it a little! haha
That's about it for the day! A little quieter, but just as productive!


Example of one of the 40-some slides on the powerpoint:

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