Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend as a Honduran

Day 32/33-Saturday, July 16, 2011--Sunday, July 17, 2011
We got up and caught the 7 am bus. We asked Bictelia to not get up, but of course, she had to get up and prepare us breakfast. GOSH! haha
Took the bus back home. Chillin' for a while, then getting ready to go to Balfate for a volleyball tournament on the beach and then to see the school coronation, a little princess pagent!
BUT...the guy we were supposed to call for details didnt pick up his phone....which was ironic because he's usually glued to his after a few hours of no response, one of the missionaries who lives in Balfate radio'ed us and said that we could go to Joseph's house (the guy we were trying to call). Amanda drove us down, and we watched the Uruguay vs. Argentina soccer game there (btw, Uruguay won in penalty kicks...just in case you wanted to know). We then got a tour of Balfate by Joseph. Everyone is related to everyone here...i swear! haha "theres my cousin. those are my nephews, those are my cousins, thats my grandma's house, etc." hahaha We then went to watch the pageant....basically a small procession of kids & the princess is the girl whose parents raised the most money for her to be the princess haha.
After the pageant, we went back to Joseph's house. His kind girlfriend, Yvonne, made us delcious coconut chicken, freshly squeezed lime juice (SO GOOD), plantains, and rice/beans. Then we walked to the beach and hung out there for part of the night. Joseph said that nobody ever goes to the beach except for La Semana Santa. If i lived there, i'd have bonfires out there or something...itd be fun!
Anywho, we went back and stayed over Joseph's house. There was AIR CONDITIONING in our bedroom, so all 4 of us (Chrystal, Bekah, Will, and myself) decided to sleep in that room. We got up the next morning and Yvonne made us literally the best breakfast i've ever tasted. Some type of eggs/potatos/etc. inside of bread that looked like a pierogie haha. Then we got some mamones for our walk back, and walked a good 45 minutes back to Lucinda. We went to church, taught the new team from NJ some of the Bible songs, and that's that.

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