Sunday, July 10, 2011

A True Friend Wipes Poop Off Of Your Head

Day 25-Saturday, July 9, 2011

We got up today and met Delmi and her uncle at the gate at 8 am. Eduardo (Ed-weird-o) wanted to take us swimming at Rio Coco and Bambu! We missed Delmi’s 22nd birthday on Thursday, so we brought her down a cake haha. We then rode in the back of the truck to Bambu, first. It was beautiful! I didn’t take pictures, but hopefully I can snag some off of someone. It was a waterfall and then a cenote type area (like in Mexico) a big circular oasis type thing with jungle surrounding it. Then there was a small cliff to jump from and a vine from a tree. SO FUN!

We then walked to the beach. We played volleyball and some soccer there. Delmi got stung by a jellyfish or something weird, so we peaced it outta the water! We then walked along the beach shore up until there was no beach and it was just ocean and rock. We then walked to Rio Coco. It was SAWEET. You have to swim up the river to get to the waterfall. Swim/walk, I guess. It was rocky, so you could walk on some of them, but at one point, you just have to swim. The jungle is surrounding you. If you swim on your back and just look up into the blue sky with the beautiful trees around you, it almost feels like it’s a taste of heaven. You cant hear anything because the water’s in your ears, and you’re just floating peacefully down the river. Finally, after doing some climbing up some bigger, slippy boulders, we made it. It was even more beautiful than Bambu. There was a huge boulder you could jump off of one once side if you climbed up. Then, there was a nice cliff on the other side. And, of course, a sweet waterfall! Eduardo showed me a way to climb up to the cliff. He said he doesn’t like to jump, but the water was deep. People jump off of there all of the time, supposedly, but Mrs. Rumbaugh warned us that ppl have come back with slit open feet and broken ankles, so it was a bit of a risk to take. Anyways, I’m all about an adrenaline rush and having some fun, so I went for it. It was fun, but once was enough. All in all, it was a lot of fun and beautiful!

Anywho, we swam back and Bictelia was THERE! She made us a feast. Delicious beef/steak---so good. Tortillas. Beans. Hard boiled eggs. Cole Slaw. A LITERAL FEAST. How kind is a person that not only makes you a feast for the heck of it, but then stands there with a plate and swats the flies away from your food the whole while you are eating? So kind and so loving. We then ate, chilled out, and just talked, spent time together. I gave bekah a hard time about stealing my topo again, so bictelia naturally showered me with topos. Then, I felt terrible. Haha But I wasn’t gonna deny them…haha We then went back home. Will and Bekah found a coconut. I went to eat some of it but found POOP on my finger. I washed it off and came out and bekah went, “you have something on your forehead. Is it chocolate or poop?” welp, we don’t have chocolate here, so…yes, was POOP. “A true friend wipes poop off of your forehead” hahahaha. We then ate dinner, chilled, and called it a night!

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  1. sounds like an amazing day!! the cinote-type place sounds beautiful :) i liked imagining swimming on my back....simply because i am unable to backstroke anymore without my butt sinking me haha. but really, i liked how you described it! poophead!!!