Sunday, July 10, 2011

"This Here. I would never trade this for any building"

Day 24-Friday, July 8, 2011

We went to the school in Rio Esteban today. We taught for a little while, then some of us took the 5th and 6th graders up to Las Niguas (the place where we ran through the jungle into the river in the thunderstorm on our first day). Delmi and I went with a handful of kids and then Bekah, Will, Dezlinn, and Chrystal came with some more kids. It's crazy how mature these kids are compared to American kids who are so protected.
This is what we did. Imagine this happening in America, haha: The kids took off first and Delmi and I came after. They walk down the dirt road barefoot and then after about 200 yards, cut off to a path on the left. It's a rocky/dirt path and you walk for a while. The kids are jumping into the trees or hitting them with big sticks or throwing rocks at them to get mangos out of the trees. Theyre running to bushes and trying to find fresh fruit to eat there, eating it to find out how rotten it is or if it's edible enough to have. Then, you cross a river. You continue onward to more dirt paths. Some kids are dragging way behind just taking their time, but you as a "teacher" don't need to stay behind and keep an eye on them because they're mature and this is everyday for them. You cross another river. Another dirt path (or sand). Another river. (and when i say "cross a river" i mean, you walk through it. granted, its not rainy season, so it's not high at all, but it's not like youre walking across bridges). Then you go up some hills and finally make it to a one room school. The kids all make it there eventually, but not at the same time. These kids are mature compared to Americans.
Anywho, some events on our way over. There were a bunch of Honduran construction workers saying stuff when we walked by them on our way to Las Niguas since I'm a gringa. Little Joni was so cute, though. He yelled back and protected me haha. I didnt hear what they said bc i knew to just keep walking, and he said, "They said you're beautiful and they want you as their girlfriend" and i went "jaja mentiras" (haha lies) and he goes, " are very pretty" God love him...little 10 year old protected me from their cat calls haha. Then, poor Joni was eating a mango and bit is tongue SO BADLY. Blood was just pouring. He was spitting blood. I had no clue what to do. Another event-Jordi (a boy who loves Justin Bieber music) went "swimming" in the one river we crossed. He was just sitting there, and i asked the kids what he was doing and they said, "Jordi's taking a poo" haha ew. Then, I ran some of the way with Trisha--she's a beautiful 6th grader who is tall and thin and doesnt say much, but she's friends with some mischief makers, so i know she isnt as quiet as she seems. She was very loving and fun, today, so I think she's showing us her less quiet side, now! haha
There are 3 "garifuna" (of west africa descent--they're the black hondurans) girls who always hang out together. They're all in 5th/6th grade. Estaysy (the girl i work with whose mom lives in NY), Jasmin, and Trisha. They're all tall, skinny, fun/sassy girls. Estaysy and Jasmin say theyre cousins--theyre both so mischievious! SO...i finally went, "if youre cousins, then all 4 of us are cousins" and Estaysy said, "NO!" and then pointed to her skin then to mine hahahaha BUT finally, they accepted it and said im their "prima" now. Worked my way into the garifuna circle, babay haha.
Anyways, we went to a school and did some of the Bible songs with 5 kids up in Las Niguas. Usher gave me a green mango there. They're not ripe, but you can eat them with salt and vinegar. Pretty sure i just got a huge chunk of salt because thats all i tasted. nast. haha. The green mango is probably the same consistency of biting into a raw potato. After we did the songs, we went down to the river. We all swam in the river and just had a good time. The kids are great, and it was fun to have a fun day with them where we werent forcing them to do schoolwork for once! I tried to teach some of them to swim, but we realized that we had 10 minutes to catch our bus and we were 15-20 minutes away. SO...we sprinted back to Rio Esteban. At least it helps dry your wet clothes off a little! We made it back with plenty of time to spare. When we got back, Usher informed me that Bictelia gave Bekah a topo (flavored ice in a bag) to give to me when we got up to Las Niguas since i didnt bring my water. I didnt know because Bekah had eaten it on the way up, exclaiming, "it wouldve been melted by the time it got to you, anyway". i really didnt care at all, but, of course, im making a huge deal out of it cause its fun haha. On our way home, we saw some slashing and burning going on up in the mountains..of course, the kids SWORE they saw a helicopter crash into the side of the mountain. The story kept changing "it was an airplane. no it was a helicopter carrying people. no, i saw missles come and attack the helicopter and it went down" long story short: little liars! haha
We got back, did some chores, made pizzas for dinner, and then booked it beacuse at 4:30 we were to meet Joseph (teacher at the school) and Walter (Bictelia's son/Delmi's brother) at the gate to go into Rio Esteban to play basketball. We rode there and played real street ball with Hondurans. I played 2 games then ducked out-i wanted to play soccer with the kids/basketball with a bunch of grown men isnt my style haha. I played keep away with some kids from the school, where theres a circle and the person in the middle has to win the ball. WELP, they have a rule that if you get megged, you have to win the ball 5 times just to make it out of the circle. and....i got megged...2 times in a row. i had to win the ball 10 TIMES before making it out of the circle. at least that teaches you not to get megged haha.
After basketball, we went to Bictelia's house. Delmi took us down to the beach. The sun was almost set at this point, but it was BEAUTIFUL. She said something that I'll never forget. She said: "This here. I would never trade this for any building in the United States." I'm not hating on the US by any means. I'm blessed to have been born there. BUT Delmi, unlike a lot of people, realizes the beauty of where she's at and is content with what God has done for her that she's not gonna say "Honduras es feo" (Honduras is ugly) like a lot of people say, just because its not wealthy. We then went back to the house. I played with one of the kids there (there are so many ppl and kids and everyones related, so you dont know who is whose kid, etc.). Bictelia then served us a plantain dish with some type of beef/sauce. Literally tasted like fries and ketchup. SO GOOD. Good, busy day!

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