Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Day 21-Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today was Dr. D's birthday! I stayed en casa because it was my day. I worked on putting pictures of the interns/other teachers into a powerpoint called "the birthday cake" which is an extended metaphor about your life and using your talents for God.
Then, i devised a parody to "Billionaire" (i know, right? second parody to that song) called "Dr. D" for us to sing to him for his birthday.
When everyone got back from the school, we went down to staff housing with Cynthia, Delmi, and Lindi and started making the big cloth posters for our Missionary VBS on the 23rd. We painted and designed away-----we almost have 2 of 4 countries done: india and tanzania.
We then came back and the power went out for a few hours...so we chilled in the dark--stared out from the porch into the caribbean and watched the lightning light up the sky and the clouds--SO BEAUTIFUL.
Dr. D then came back from errands he had to run and just as we were beginning dinner, the lights turned on! We ate delicious lasagna and had carrot cake (his favorite) and performed his song.
He was a little down and out from something, so it was good to see him cheer up when he heard the song. Maybe that song was made at the right time so that it could cheer him up? Nobody wants to be upset on their birthday! God's timing is always perfect! PRETTY NEAT.
And thats it for the day!

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