Thursday, July 7, 2011

Power of Prayer

Day 23-Thursday, July 7, 2011

We all stayed en casa today so that we could work on projects and learn the songs so we can teach the team from Minnesota when they come in tomorrow. It was a long, HOT day. We converted powerpoints to imovies and what not.
The Rumbaugh girls (Mrs., Amanda, and Amy) went to La Ceiba to pick up the team from Minnesota, so Bekah, Will, Chris, and I made our own dinner. It was a precious little night hahaha We had tortillas with eggs, peppers, onions, ham, and salsa (just in case you were interested). Bekah made a pumpkin pie.
Now we're chilling...watching Jumanji!
Read Luke 11 today--especially the part about praying and about being diligent and persistent in prayer. It's worth going over. Pray for Alyssa Sabo, btw. She's a rising senior at GCC who went into liver failure suddenly (they think it's Wilson's disease), but she is in desperate need for a liver. She's on the verge of sepsis (infection in the blood), and if that happens, she most likely won't get a liver and could probably die. This is a very serious case, and she needs every prayer she can get. Tell your family/friends to pray for her. God does miraculous things!



  1. haha that's where your jumanji status came from!! best move ever! being with the minnesota team will be fun---maybe you can hang out on the "ruff" and eat "bag-els" together? hahaha

  2. and I am praying for her, i think everyone in the world is! her sister graduated with me and is pregnant, so i'm sure that family is going through a ton of stress/mixed emotions right now. poor girl, i really hope they find her one fast.