Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love is a universal language

Day 31-Friday, July 15, 2011
Went to Rio Esteban again today. Joseph, the 5th and 6th grade teacher, decided that he didnt want to come to school. When he told us the day before, i just laughed..then, when we got to school, i realized that with him not there, chrystal and i were in charge of his whole class. not funny anymore. the kids had to write an essay "if i were rich, i would..." for homework, so we went over those. A lot of the kids wrote about helping the poorer people in Las Niguas and giving money to the poor which is interesting to read. We then helped them try to speak better english because their sentences were very choppy. Basically, chrystal tried to fix sentences on the board while i tried to get them to pay attention. it was a nightmare! the kids were looking up inappropriate words in the dictionary, moving around to different seats, kicking each other, yelling, saying inappropriate things, etc. etc. needless to say, we were very stressed out today. i then helped fernando write his essay since he decided not to do his homework--it was a nice break from the crazy classroom.
Then, we took a break from teaching and had bekah and will teach 3/4 grade math while we let our stress die away haha. Then, Dr. D came and we sang the Bible songs and all of his songs. and thats where i saw kids laughing at one of the girls in the 5th grade class-i asked why. they said she had lice. sure enough, i took a peek and saw some nasties crawling around. yeah...apparently 3 of the girls from the class have it....i freaked out initially, but thought of Jesus not being afraid of the lepers, so we shouldnt be afraid of lice. think about how much more serious leprosy is than lice. God will protect those who trust him. lice here.
We then came home and cleaned the house, getting it ready for the group coming in tomorrow. Then, we went to Rio Esteban--to Bictelia and Delmi's house. We walked through Rio Esteban and then got Deslin (another teacher in the school--19 years old, knows pretty good english!)--we met her family, then we went to the beach and watched the end of the sunset. We went back to Delmi's and, of course, Bictelia had a feast for us--some type of hard Honduran bread, that plantain and beef delicious dish, and pizza hut pizza (haha---someone went to la ceiba that day i guess) Unfortunately, Delmi didnt inform us that when we ate, she missed her Friday night Bible group, so afterwards, we went on the porch and had our own small bible group--sang a couple songs and Bictelia talked about the life of Moses and how his mom had to abandon him and send him down the river, and what looked like a disaster was just part of God's bigger plan. She said that in our lives, sometimes we wonder why certain things happen--she said for us, maybe we wonder why we're even in Honduras---but she said it's all part of God's bigger plan for your life. She then went to talk about how Moses had a speech impediment, and how he sometimes had trouble communicating, and she said that she feels that barrier with some of our group because she only knows spanish and some ppl only know english, and she feels that barrier. We then concluded, though, that love is a universal language. You dont need to know each other's tongues to love each other.
We then all got sleepy--at like 10 pm--wimps, i know haha. and we stayed over their house. They are the most generous people. You say thank you, and they dont want to hear it. They were thanking US for coming..but they had us over and they fed us and everything. it makes no sense! so kind!

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