Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Jellyfish has WHAT?

Day 20-Monday, July 4, 2011

Welp, first 4th of July not in America. It was less celebratory on this day than I'm used to-that's fa sho. BUT we ended up going to a picnic with all of the other missionary families--a little American celebration!
We first went to the school in the morning. A lady had told us we missed the bus, so we began to run to the school. Within about 100 yards of our 5ish mile haul, we heard the bus zooming behind us. nope..nope we didn't miss the bus. lies. SO...we got on the bus. I sat near Adriana and her friend.
At the school, Crystal was grading papers for teacher Joseph, and Joseph was mad at the kids saying "nobody this age is this careless" SO he sent out the usual 4 to me to deal with on my own. uh oh. i was already really tired to begin with...then, he asked me to help joni finish his notebook while making the other 3 do oral exercises in english. it was so hard trying to control the kids today. SO many questions. SO much bickering among them. A few times I put my head on the table and just prayed for strength because i didnt know how i'd get through the day (which was an hour longer than last week now that exams are over). The one exercise the kids had to do, they had to draw a picture and say what it was. Estaysy drew a mean looking person and asked "como se dice enfadada en ingles" (how do you say mad in english?). Then she goes, "Cara esta enfadada"...oops. i told her to say "tired" and not "mad" haha.
Finally, recess came along and i rejoiced..that didnt last long, though. I bought a topoillo (topo--the snow cone esque food in a plastic bag), but was then coerced to play "toca toca" (tag) with it. I felt like a kid again, running around with a bag in my mouth haha. It actually cheered me up a bit! Then, I had to help two 9 year olds (Mauricio-song of Ed-weird-o, and Marco) go over their science unit. it was all in english and i was thinking that they understood about half of what they read--in their defense, it was about sea creatures and then solar energy. I laughed aloud at one point, though, because marco was reading and was trying to say "the jellyfish has tentacles to feel" and instead, he said "the jellyfish has testicles"...i had to hold the laughter in haha
They were really well-behaved and fun boys and when we had to list "things that require electric energy," Mauricio said "iphone"...even i wouldnt have though of that haha. The day ended with playing "UNO" with estaysy, fernando, and another girl. Joseph said "do anything you want-i dont want them distracting my classroom"...so we practiced english colors and numbers via "UNO"
We then came home and did some yard work. Chopping down tall grass/some small trees with machetes. Then, we went to a 4th of July party at the McKenney's house (the mister is the founding surgeon of the hospital). We came back and wound down and called it a night.


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