Sunday, July 3, 2011

God Gave You the Perfect Day

Delmi with Briana

The Team

Day 18-Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welp, today was my birfday…and I don’t like a big fuss about it, but they tried to catch me with breakfast in bed. I was stealthy enough to wake up and get out of bed and drink my smoothie at the table instead. BUT the smoothies were good and reminded me of home (rooney-the bomb diggity). Then, they made banana and choco-choco chip pancakes! So delish.

We then went to Will’s soccer game. We rode with the team 2 hours to the fields. Delmi came because Bekah, Chris, and I were coming. We had a great time spending time with her and practicing our Spanish with her and helping her practice her English. Words learned: amanecer=sunrise, atardecer=sunset, esta amaneciendo=the sun is rising, esta atardeciendo=the sun is setting. Present progressive=more common than present tense. (opposite of book Spanish). ALSO: Possessive adjectives with body parts (mi pierna…not la pierna…..different than book Spanish). Im mostly writing this so I can remember…but if youre interested, then enjoy!

The bus came 2 hours late to get us and then when we got to the field, the game didn’t start for another hour. SO…it was a longer day than expected. Finally, the game started. Will played great! the coach and all of the players loved him. Little feisty Briana had come with her parents, so she stuck with us for a lot of the day.

After the first game, we all went in Delmi’s aunts truck bed through the town of Jacoa and to her house. She had a very nice house and a nice pulperia (little store) attached, too. Her one daughter lives in the US and will be attending 5th grade there in the fall, but she was back for the summer. We played a little with the kids. The other daughter fell off of a pole and hit her head hard and when she was crying, I noticed she had something in her hair…so I lovingly was trying to get it out. I mean ,it took like 15 seconds of diligent pulling to get it out. Once I got it out, I realized what it was: a booger. So much for trying to help. Hahaha Anywho, Delmi’s aunt had a lovely lunch for us: tortillas, eggs, ham, cheese, and what not that you put in tortillas. She also gave us some Honduran milk candy which tasted like yummy cow tales! And she gave me an extra for my bday bc she knew I liked it a lot! How sweet! Also, for 3 liters of coke: $1.75. good deal or WHAT?

Delmi’s aunt then drove us back to the bus. She had to drive off the road at one point and went over BOULDERS. Bekah flew up and bounced in the truck bed multiple times. I’ve never laughed at someone so hard in my life. Delmi started opening up and joking with us. When we saw graffiti of “gringos asesinos” she goes “THEY ARE HERE. THE GRINGOS!”…obviously she knew we weren’t in danger or she wouldn’t have done it, so it cracked us all up. We then got back on the bus and took the long, sweaty trek home.

On our way back, I was staring outside. I had been saying to Delmi all day about how beautiful Honduras is and kept pointing out the beauty of the sky or mountains, etc. When we were heading back, she tapped me on the shoulder and said, in broken English, “Cara. God given you the perfect day.” And that he did. We got back around 7:30, but the guard at the gate was a talkative one, so he talked to us for a good 15-20 minutes about everything in the book. His name was Ines. He was very precious!

We then made it back up and the Rumbaughs had set up the picnic table outside for dinner. They waited for us to eat! How nice! They had a pink table cover (for my favorite color) and pink Barbie plates and the table covered with little decorations. We ate and then Dr. Don said “nobody can get seconds until we play a game.” He had heard that at our soccer camp last year we never had time to work out, so he devised a workout related scavenger hunt for us all to follow. It was so fun and so precious! We ran, did some kickboxing, played Knockout in basketball, bekah and will did our handstands for us, and we crab walked to complete the race. It all led to a gift on the front porch of a house. It was a piece of bamboo with flowers in it. Dr. Don said that bamboo is one of the strongest things in the world and its strength actually comes from its flexibility. It was a cool representation of how we should be-our strength should come from our flexibility. They also gave me a nice card, a shirt for the cornerstone foundation (it was red-great color choice!), amy made a bottle that had Honduras arted (well, I don’t remember the name of the art…shame on me…but its paper and glue..only really fancy and cool…so my way of describing it is “arted”) on it, and Bekah and Will gave me some of their candy and gum they had stored up. Even though being with my real family would’ve been the ideal birthday, they made it a fun and special one, and I appreciated everything they did and the beautiful day God gave very, very much.


In the back of the truck

Bekah with Briana

Briana being a character, per usual

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