Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would You Be That Fool, Unashamed of Worshipping God?

Day 19-Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today was Sunday school day! We read some more “purpose driven life” then we went to worship. We worshipped and watched a sermon by francis chan. It was about realizing how SOVEREIGN and how HUGE God is and about pondering on that fact seriously.

Here are some notes from a sermon from Francis Chan's series of his book: Crazy Love:

-Having a high God is the solution to most of your problems

-When you have a big view on God, crazy things will happen. When you have a small view on God, you become ungrateful. You think He was created for you, and then you'll start judging God.

Read: Ezekiel 21:26--what God is like and what He does to ppl who see him

-One day, Francis Chan's church had 2 ppl in a service and he said, "I hope youd idnt come for a crowd because you are in the presence of a Holy God. We better give it all we got."

Luke 7:36

-Would you be the one talking with Jesus like the Pharisee, not that surprised to be face to face with him, or would you not care what people were thinking and wish his feet with tears and your hair and perfume. Could you be that "fool" for Jesus or are you "just that cool?"

We then took an hour+ to reflect on our time here, etc.

Getting ready for dinner, doing some other things, etc.


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