Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scary Blue Eyes

Daneli posing haha

Day 16-Thursday, June 30, 2011

I went to the Rio Esteban school again, today. Bictelia was cracking up thinking about one girl we met last week who had lived in Mexico for a year...she was telling her friends/family who didnt know spanish that "estoy embarazada" meant "im embarrassed" so that theyd say it....really, it means "im pregnant" bictelia was still cracking up at that haha it is hilarious

I went in the 2nd (i believe) grade room and did flashcards with the kids. talk about a group that doesnt understand "1 person go at a time" or "uno por uno" (thats what on kid kept saying, at least). I got overwhelmed because i was just thrown in the classroom, and i felt like the teacher wanted me to do everything. I didnt want to do that because i didnt want to take over her class, so i left and helped Crystal with our 4 main kids (well, 3 today bc joni was sick and stayed home).
They were taking a listening test that she wrote for them. She basically told facts about her life (in english), and they had to answer questions (in english) about what they had heard. The first time around, none of them had taken "apuntes" (notes) even after i stressed that they take them to remember what Crystal said. Naturally, they didnt know the answers. SO...she read it again and i stressed even more to "take apuntes"...daneli took good notes. fernando didnt take any. and estaysy...well, estaysy had her towel over her face and im pretty sure she wasnt listening at all. Fernando surprisingly remembered it all without taking notes. We were so proud of him! Crystal gave him some extra hugs to boost his confidence since it is low. Daneli took good notes and did well, too! Then, Crystal rewarded them by playing basketball while I stayed back with Estaysy and made her take the test.
I finally gave her a speech in Spanish that went something like this: You want to live in the US someday with your mom, right? (she said "si"). Well, you think that you can just move there and everything will be OK. It wont be like that. You need to learn English. You need to have an education. You can't just go to the US without knowing anything. Almost everyone in the US speaks English, and you have the opportunity to learn it, but you don't participate, instead. I came from another country so that i can help you learn english so that you can someday go to the US, and it makes me sad to see that you dont even try. Also, i'm going to college just to get a job in the US. It's not just easy coasting. You need to start speaking English and start participating, do you understand me?
She looked at me and said "yes"..and she started speaking english after, so i hope that worked. She then started asking me questions about the United States. What it was like, If it was beautiful (for the record, i said yes, but i also said that honduras is beautiful, too. she said "no honduras es feo" (its ugly)...she has the delusional perception that "poor" is ugly. honduras is a beautiful country, and, as discussed, money isnt everything!) Anyways, she said "im scared" and i was like "of what?" and she said "your blue eyes" and then covered her face HAHAHAHAHA she meant because they're different, but she said they were scary. so funny.
After that, we had the kids play hangman in English to practice their words. Estaysy came over to hang with her friends, and, like she had been doing all day, turned her legs weirdly, scrunched up her face, and let one rip. Her friends ran. We all laughed. I learned the word for "fart" because of her: pedo. hahahaha Also, she made me laugh by a little joke she told. In spanish, "cara" means "expensive," so she said (and wrote with chalk): cara, barata. welp, barata means "inexpensive" or "cheap" in spanish, so she kept saying "cara barata" to me hahaha.

(Picture: "cara barata" by Estaysy)
Daneli and another girl were then drawing pictures of me. It was a pink person (closest to white haha) with blonde hair (because they see my hair as blonde bc its so light in comparison), and blue eyes hahaha (pic included). then, jasmine and daneli both wrote "cara beautiful" sweet. broke my heart haha

(Picture: Daneli drawing me)
We then played some soccer and tag during recess, took the bus home, and came home! There was fellowship, so we had the potluck dinner, where we used innovative skills when there were no utensils or cups. Amanda used carrot sticks as chopsticks, accidentally eating her carrots in the process. I used a knife as a fork. Will took a ziploc bag and filled it with juice and bit off a corner so we could all have a drink. All rules are off when youre playing for survival (ok, so it wasnt life/death, but its fun to pretend that youre a savage haha). Amanda and Amy (Dr. D's and Mrs. Rumbaughs daughters) led worship. They did a great job--great musicians! and they chose great songs, all of them as exact words from scriptures, challenging us to meditate on God's word.
After fellowship, we toured the hospital. We got to see twins (boy and girl) who were brought in recently who are 8 months and were only 8 pounds each when brought in...i was that much when i was born! haha they were drinking cows milk, etc. and werent absorbing nutrients, so they were extremely small. theyve grown since then, but they were still small....and adorable.
We then went to talk to Cynthia's in-laws because they were missionaries in Papa New Guinea. It was cool seeing their perspective on things and their stories about the indigenous tribes that are like 4 feet tall (youd look tall next to them, allison) haha.


Daneli singing "Yo Soy El Camino" in Spanish, and then in English (I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, except through me).

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