Friday, June 24, 2011


Day 9-June 23, 2011
Today, we went to a school nearby. Dr. Don initially only wanted to "maestritos" (little teachers---the kids who practice the songs extra so that they can lead the class) to practice with us since the rest of the school was at recess when we came. BUT since we look so strange bc of our white skin, all of the kids flocked into the room to hear the songs. Because this school isnt as developed as others, most of the kids didnt know the songs and it was full of non-attentive kids...but the room was still full with a ton of kids. Slowly, the kids drifted out until there were only the kids who truly wanted to be there. After all of the stress of this school, we were getting ready to leave but we had to wait a couple of minutes. SO some of us started singing some of the songs and all of a sudden we had a crowd of kids come up and sing them with us, too! there were so many kids that i was getting pushed off of the sidewalk/ledge. It was cool that they were at least participating, then! We then had to leave and went back home.
The rest of the day was dedicated to projects. Chris worked on translating powerpoints from english to spanish, bekah and will were downloading files, and i started to record 1 john and james in spanish and english to make a cd with it. Later, we went to thursday night fellowship with all of the missionary families and we had a potluck dinner. Dr. Dons daughter, Amanda, may or may not have started the line after there was a whole line of people that wasnt Chris and I followed lead and we went from potentially being near the end of the line to the literal front. WIN. hahaha
The pastor then spoke on thankfulness and how we need to be thankful for EVERYTHING that God gives to us. He ended with this story, which I thought was cool:
During a war in a concentration camp lived a man and a woman (cant remember their names) and they were Christians. They managed to sneak a bible in and were able to teach the bible and to read it to others while they were there. Somehow, the concentration camp officers never confiscated it nor found out. Anways, while they were there, the man said “lets give thanks for these barracks we’re in” and the woman goes “why? theyre extremely small, theyre full of people and theyre smelly.” But they decided to thank God. Then he said “lets thank God for something else (cant remember)” and she didn’t want to but then she decided to. Finally he goes “lets thank God for the fleas that are all in the barracks” and the woman goes “absolutely not. Theyre all over. theyre gross. Theyre always biting me. I wont thank God for them” but the guy still thanked God. Then when the war was over and they were being released, the woman asked a guard “why didn’t you ever search our barracks and look for things?” (thinking about the forbidden Bible) and he said “we wouldn’t dare touch the barracks. Theyre polluted with fleas and nobody would want to go nearby.” AND-----point of the story was to be thankful for everything in your life…good or bad because God will reward you for it. Don’t you just love God and how powerful and awesome He is?


  1. is this picture of the school? it's pretty!

  2. no its a picture from the front porch of where we're staying, actually

  3. it's very pretty!! did you meet bethany russell? she's in la ceiba, too.