Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Mysterious Rash

Day 8-June 22, 2011
Today we got up and left around 7:50. Chris, Bekah, Will, Marvin (the guy who drove the bus a week ago), Dr. Don, and I all went up another mountain (not to Paraiso again--PTL (Praise the Lord)) to visit a few schools. The mountain wasn't bad--about 15 minutes of uphill then the rest was flat--it was a long walk, but not exhausting! On our hike, we got to see a fossil of a dinosaur that got stuck in a rock! I LOVE DINOSAURS!
We went to the first school before climbing up the mountain and went over the bible storying cloth and other songs, where us interns tried our very hardest to learn the words/moves to the many songs. We then started climbing the mountain. It was beautiful up there! We visited some of Dr. Don's friends up there. Dr. Don refers to one house as "the garden of eden" because they grow everything in the book haha (bananas, papayas, corn, etc., etc.). They so generously gave us what we think was grape flavored water (it tasted like purple gatorade) and little guineos ( tiny...about has long as my index finger...ok, i get index finger is long, but pretend like we're talking about someone's normal sized index finger). It was a very sweet and tasty guineo. We then left and went to a school. We had to cross a river to get was low, though, because it's not the rainy season. It was enough to get little rocks/sand on my blisters and make them even MORE fun to deal with! (actually no big deal...i have duct tape on them theyre indestructable). On our way back from that school, one of the students in the school's mom gave us glasses of water with chunks of pineapple in it. SO GOOD. dr. don then told her that we'd be the "jueces" (judges) in the Knowledge Olympics on Saturday, and she gave us all a pineapple to take with us. We pretend its for that reason that she did that, but we all know it was just because she was extremely generous. I find it neat that at dinner Chris shared that he noticed that these people who we see to have nothing still have the heart to share things with us and be so hospitable. He said that not only do they share, but they share with people that have a lot of things. How generous and loving is that?
We then went to a "pulperia" while Dr. Don ran up to another school. A pulperia is a little store inside someones house. You can buy pop or water or little snacks there. Marvin bought us coke and some galletas (cookies). We then went to a waterfall region and waited for Dr. Don there. Then some cows may or may not have went and peed/pooped in the waterfall region, which was great because some people had swam in it. GREAT. haha. Also, Dr. Don may or may not have laid completely under the one little waterfall (pic included).
While we were waiting, I reapplied sunscreen (be proud of me, mom haha), and a fly/bug wouldn't leave me alone. Marvin told me that a thousand more flies would probably come out soon after and attack me. I believed him because I don't think I'm quite ready to joke around in Spanish jajajaja
Dr. Don then returned and we went to the last school and sang songs there. We then made our way back, hiking down....I got to practice more Spanish with Chris. Then Bekah, Will, and I compared rashes that all looked mysteriously similar. FROM SOME MYSTERIOUS PLANT IN THE JUNGLE OR SEA?! We'll get down to the bottom of this itchy matter.
ANYWHO, we returned, chilled out, and talked about "If I Perish" by Brother Andrew at dinner. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the passage: "Zeal for the glory and name of Jesus should also be our motivation. For how many of us is this true? Do we pray for the glory of God's name, or do we pray only for ourselves?" AND "We should pursue what is worthy, whatever the cost."
Then, we had some extra time, so we all played catch phrase and apples to apples to close out the evening. YA?

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  1. and you thought i was stupid to suggest you get more than one box of bandaids!! duct tape! haha.