Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Me Equivoqué, Joni!

"pitito" wearing wills hat. que precioso

riding the bike with daneli like all hondurans person on the seat and the other(s) hanging off a part of the bike in some way or another

Day 15-Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today, we got up early again to go to the Rio Esteban School. I was listening to my ipod to go to bed, and I may or may not have woken up with it on my back and i thought it was a gecko or a scorpion that was crawling on me, and i had a fit. I may have fought with my ipod in the middle of the night.

Marta (the child with swag) finally started dancing to "yeah turn my swag on" with a sideways hat. such a thug. crystal was reading the kids a story in English. As she read, i felt eyes on me..i look up and Marta is bobbing her head to "turn my swag on" hahaha (picture and possible video included)

ANYWHO, we were all a lot more tired today than the other it was a little more challenging today than the other days. We rode the bus to the school, per usual. Chrystal then wrote a writing exam for Fernando and Estaysy. We helped them complete that. Then Joni and Daneli did the normal writing exam and I helped them write theirs. They were so cute...they had to write a letter to a friend, and they wrote letters like this: Hello ____, I have one father and one mother. I have a beautiful family. I like to eat pizza. I have a bicycle. I have 5 uncles. Yours truly, _____". In hers, Daneli said, "me gusta ir a Tela" (I like to go to Tela)...i asked what Tela was and she said "es un pais" (it's a country), but she meant to say "ciudad" (city). Joni started laughing at her, and she snapped into her fiery, sassy mode (she flips into it so fast...for such a sweet little girl, it's hilarious). She looked at him and said, sternly, "Me equivoqué, Joni. Todo el mundo tiene errores!" (I made a mistake, Joni. Everyone in the world has errors (makes mistakes)). I took a video of her and her friend Doris re-enacting her sassiness...not quite as good as the original, but it works enough to make you smile haha
We then went over the storying cloth and flash cards with them. They had poor attention spans which was difficult for me and Crystal because we were both exhausted. Estaysy wasn't even trying because she has the mindset that she doesn't have to try. I can't remember if i posted this on yesterdays update or not, so i'll repeat it. Her mother lives in New York and her father lives here. Bictelia said (or at least this is what I think she said) that this is the first year that they've had a home in Honduras. Her mother is able to make enough to send money back, but that gives Estaysy the impression that she's rich. She then takes the mindset that she doesn't need to learn because that's not what rich people do. She would rather not participate or learn because in her mind, "She doesn't have to" because she's going to be rich in the US someday. THEREFORE, she was extremely stubborn today and kept walking off to do her own thing or wouldnt say the english flash cards.
I know that she knows english (or at least some), but she wont use it because she doesnt want to...although, she was cracking me up because she knew the word "gift" was pronounced the way it is, but she wanted to be goofy, so she kept saying "gifyteh"...then at random parts of the day, she'd say "gifyteh" just for the heck of it. it cracked me up, haha We then somehow survived the day (by the grace of God) and took the bus back home. Some of the kids wanted us to sit with them, so I sat in a seat with 3 other girls (ps the bus is weird here...there are 2 sides separated by an aisle (like a typical bus), but one side fits 3 people and the other fits 1 person (technically..although, it is typically more). I met Adriana and some other kids. We did some fun hand/singing games, including "el ritmo de los pies" (rhythm of feet...and it goes to other parts of the body). It was a fun time, and the kids are just so fun to laugh with and hug!
When we finally got back, Will, Bekah, and Crystal went to the beach, while the lazy people (me and Chris) stayed back and did some work. We then had some visitors (other interns) up to the house for dinner. We had a good time together and good fellowship and, of course, good food!

I'm going to attach some pictures/videos of kids from different parts of the day.


kids on the bus

on the bus with briana: asian posing

more asian tourist posing

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