Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yeah, Turn My Swag On

Feisty little Brianna

Brianna loves to be flipped. AND..here is another child hanging off of her while I'm trying to flip her. safe.

FEISTY briana

Day 14-Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today, we got up and got ready to go to Rio Esteban. Will stayed back today to work on projects while the rest of us went to the school. Mine and Chrystal's kids were taking an exam in the morning, so we sat in the kindergarten room and practiced english colors and numbers. The kids were so cute. One of the boys' hair was kind of long but really soft and looked so precious when he moved his whole head bc the large mass of hair would move, too haha. The kids were impressive, though. They knew numbers, the alphabet, and colors in English. They could also understand the teacher when she spoke some English, too.
Then, we went and found our kids after spending an hour in kindergarden. We got to play with the kids for a while. I taught Marta (5th grader. major swag. she knows english SO well and knows all of the Bible songs. She's got SWAG), Doris (the girl who was in my group in the Olympics practice), and Daneli "Concentration 54" and we played (photos attached). Christian then wanted me to play soccer with them, so i played for a little-hence the reason that i was sweatier than usual in some of the pics...although, im in a constant sweat while here haha. Marta told me that i could play soccer in the Olympics, so i like her a lot now hahaha. SWAG.
Then, Chrystal went somewhere, so i was left with the 4 kids by myself. HOW SCARY! BUT Bictelia came over and helped me start and we did the Bible Storying Cloth in English and in Spanish. Then she worked on some math with Estaysy while Fernando did some quehaceres (chores) and Joni and Daneli read me a bunch of Bible stories in English. I'm trying to break their habit of saying "tree" instead of "three"...so everytime they said "tree" i would say "ARBOL?" (tree in spanish), until they said three. it makes sense why they cant say "th" well because they dont have those sounds together in spanish...BUT theyre gonna have to learn some way or another. They did a great job reading, and i was glad to see how eager they were to read.
Then, I had some balls that they were able to earn "si se comportan bien y participan" (if they behave well and participate). To win their pelotita (little ball), I had them do math: multiplication and addition. Then we played "head it. catch it"...a popular game we coached at soccer camp. If you say "head it" you have to catch it and vice versa. WELL, not only did it get them up and moving, they enjoyed it a lot...AND if they messed up (headed it instead of caught it, etc.) they had to do a math problem. I then had them do the Bible storying cloths again (Daneli was so eager that she did it both in Spanish and English) to earn their pelotitas.
I learned some new phrases today: 1. anotar un gol=to score a goal, 2. estar empatados=to be tied (as in not losing or winning), 3. tirador=slingshot .
We then went over english flash cards. They were having a hard time pronouncing "moo," "moon," and "balloon" correctly, so i made a phrase up for them to remind them that those 3 words all sound similar: la vaca debajo de la luna con un globo. (the cow (MOO) under the moon with a balloon). They also kept saying "equal" instead of "equals" (ex. 4 plus 2 equal 6)..most likely bc in spanish it is "es igual" and it isnt plural...BUT i made them keep repeating it correctly until they did it on their own. I'm a pusher. haha (mean girls reference anyone?). I also learned that they say, for example, "6 mas 3 es igual a 9" instead of "6 y 3 es igual a 9". I'm just trying to pick up on real life spanish, ya know! Also, i said "que pasa calabaza" (whats up pumpkin?) to someone to joke and then i found out that theres MORE to the phrase "cada quien para su casa"..say that 10 times fast: que pasa calabaza. cada quien para su casa.
ANYWHO, i had them go over colors in english and made a game to see who had the most flashcards in the end. it ended up being a tie when recreo (recess) #2 came along. btw, there are 2 recesses...one at like 9 something and one at 11ish. they eat during the 9 o'clock one because they dont eat breakfast in the morning when they wake up...so thats like their breakfast. they snack at the 11ish break, too. ANYWHO #2, they were really excited to compete, and they all did well! We then played some tag, some more hand games, and some more soccer.
Before we left, a fiesty little girl named briana (picture included and videos, too---shes the girl who raps haha) was performing for the camera. she sang and when she sang the months of the year in english, she said "jan...etc.....december..these are the MOTHERS of the year." listen for it in the video.
It was then time to salir (leave). We took the bus back and Anthony (the bilingual small 8 year old) entertained us the whole way. We then came back and got ready to make flour tortillas with delmi (bictelias 21 yr old daughter) and Dezlin (teacher who is 19)...they both looked at least in their late 20s to me....threw me off. although i dont look very young myself haha. I was HORRIBLE at making tortillas. absolutely horrible. they laughed at me. i dropped the tortillas. delmi even gave me one of hers to make bigger. it somehow got SMALLER as i was making it. how? how is that possible? haha.
We then participated in H-M (honduras al mundo---to train them to do missions). We wrote and shared testimonies. Ever and Fredi came from Paraiso, Lindi came, Delmi, Dezlin, Cynthia (the VBS coordinator), Bictelia, and some Hondurans that we've never met. We then ate tortillas and beans, etc. afterwards.My fake tooth may or may not have shaken in my mouth when i tried to bite the tortilla. i bet it was one of the ones i made haha. we then got to talk to Ever and Fredi more. Ever nicknamed me Lady Gaga and nicknamed Bekah Britney Spears and nicknamed Chris Mr. Bean (bc he hates beans haha) and nicknamed Will as James Bond. He was funny; he cracked us all up! haha
THEN, we came back and are getting ready for another busy, but fulfilling, day tomorrow by serving God.

links to videos:

Chrystal teaching

teaching marta (the girl who was major SWAG) "concentration 54"

kindergarten boys

kindergarten classroom


  1. cara, you should be a spanish teacher!

  2. HAHA feisty brianna is so cute! "a-gist, septemberrrr octoberrrr" hahaha so funny.