Monday, June 27, 2011

Love is spelled "T-I-M-E"

Day 12-Sunday, June 26, 2011
Saturday evening, the neighbors, Penny and John, came over to talk about their testimonies, and I forgot to write in yesterday's account about my favorite things John said. 1. Love should be spelled in one way: "T-I-M-E". 2. God doesn't care about our abilities as much as our availabilities. Also, a mneumonic device to remember what "40 days of purpose" says about what we should do if we follow Christ. ACIME: Adoration, Community, Imitation (of Christ), and Evangelism.
ANYWHO...BACK TO DOMINGO: Today, we got up and went to the high school Sunday school class in the Rumbaugh's main casa. It was a good time of discussing the Bible and what we've personally learned this week. We then watched a sermon called "Lukewarm and Loving It" by Francis Chan. Here are some of the things I wrote from that morning, some of which are direct quotes while others are my thoughts.

He discusses how a large fraction of the world only lives off of 2 dollars a day. He then throws out 2-1 dollar bills and says "see. nobodys jumping for that...they think "whats the big deal?" but someone who makes that in a day would DIVE for it.

-We say "the way they live is so strange" but they say that the way WE live is so strange.
-"We are so weird. We're so filthy rich, yet most of you think you're not."
-You are so rich, and some of you would call yourselves broke."--This puts you at a serious disadvantage spiritually.
-"On this planet, the toughest people to reach are in this room" (referring to the people he was preaching to aka "the rich"

Read Luke 18:20-22

-"What is impossible with men is possible with God"
-(referring to America)-This is one of the hardest places on Earth to share God, for them to get it.

Read Revelation 13:16
"B/c you are lukewarm-neither cold nor hot-I'm going to spit you out of my mouth."

-Some people don't want to be on fire. They want a little bit of God, but they have enough God in their lives right now. They're content with not being on fire for God

-We compare God to the world, clinging onto material possessions. God says "Gah...are you really comparing the Maker of the world to an itty bitty earthly possession?"

We then went down to worship, but it was ovaaa (no, not the scientific term for egg, but "over") instead we joined in with an adult Sunday School class/Bible study. We read in Exodus 32: The Golden Caf.

Read Exodus 32:9-12
I was confused at this verse, but Mrs. Rumbaugh, with all of her wisdom!, cleared it up. She said something along these lines:
"It's ridiculous to think that God would've gone back on his promise but was convinced not to by human reason. This is a hyperbole just to show us HOW BAD this was in God's eyes. He wouldn't actually go back on His promise, only being save from doing so by "human reason".

On a different topic, Brad (the guy who helped us slaughter chickens) said: "We were never meant to consume the apple of knowledge of Good and Evil. We were never meant to have to deal with it. We weren't created for that function, to decipher between Good and Evil and see them both and have a battle between right and wrong. We were not created to do that, but since Adam and Eve did consume from that tree, we are forced to deal with the consequences.

After all of this, we came back, ate, did some chores, played basketball, and ate dinner. 'Twas a nice and relaxing dia.


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