Monday, June 27, 2011

A Causa de los Examenes

Daneli and Joni reading Bible story books to me in English

Day 13-Monday, June 27, 2011

Today was our first day going to the Rio Esteban school from open until close. We went down to the bus stop at around 6:20 and caught the bus a little bit later...afterall, it's Latin America. I'm fine with that, though, since i'm usually late to things.
We rode the bus about 30 minutes to the school (maybe a little longer bc we passed the school and picked kids up and then went back). Chrystal and I got to talk to Joseph, a teacher at Rio Esteban. He's extremely good at English, so we talked in English with him.
When we got to the school, we got assigned our jobs for the rest of the summer. I was placed with 4 kids along with Chrystal since Chrystal teaches special ed back home and since I can speak enough Spanish to translate when necessary. We got 4 of the "remedial" kids...the ones who are just a little behind in certain subjects. The kids were Joni (who played the guitar for me), Estaysy, Fernando, and Reina Daneli (neither of those is her last name, haha). Working with them turned out to be a lot of fun, but it was also EXTREMELY challenging. This is "exam week" for all of the grades, so we had to administer an exam to these 4 kids. It was basic translation of Spanish to English or knowing English phrases, etc. Joni and Reina did pretty well, finishing much earlier than Fernando and Estaysy. We ended up having to spend the entire day working on the 4 page test with Fernando and Estaysy. Fernando gets very frustrated and doesn't want to work. Bictelia told me that he has a poor home situation, so I figured that we have to give him a lot of discipline but also a lot of lovin' while we're here. Estaysy came to the school only 3 months ago. She doesnt know much English, so I had to translate most of her test for her..she was having a rough time. She won't pay attention if she's not understanding. A lot of people misinterpret it as being persistent and not willing to learn, but i really just think that she doesnt understand. I took her into the "cool room" aka the only room with AC (the only room with AC that i've encountered since home haha) and worked on times tables. She was so excited when she got them right. She doesnt know them very well, but i can tell that she wants to know. She doesnt not want to learn, but she just needs a lot of 1 on 1 attention.
We played some games to practice math, and then the day ended an hour earlier than usual a causa de los examenes (bc of the exams). We rode the bus back, played some bball, got to work out, and we ate dinner. We finished off the night with watching a cool youtube video about faith and then an account of a Muslim woman who asked God for the truth, and she received a vision of Jesus, ultimately turning into a Christian at that moment. It was a neat story!

Some of the kids being silly

2 of my 4 students-Joni and Reina Daneli--love them

yoni and another student

Chrystal and Reina Daneli

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