Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A.I.M. Aranas?!

Day 7-June 21, 2011
Today was a stay in day! was a nice contrast from hiking up to Paraiso (Paradise). While Chrystal took her daily trip to the school in Rio Esteban and Chris went to a couple schools with Dr. Don, Bekah, Will, and I stayed home with Amanda, Amy, and Mrs. Rumbaugh. While we were home, we worked on projects for the VBS we're doing on July 23. I made the "Hoja de Inscripciones" (aka registration sheets) while Bekah made the "Certificado de Exito" (the Certificate of Success) for each of the kids enabling them to all go out and be missionaries. Will worked on the "pasaportes" (passports) that each kid would have and would get stamped for each country they visit during the day (kinda like Epcot, eh?). Then, Bekah and I made signs for each of the teams there are going to be. Each team has the name of a different mission organization with an animal name (you know, to make it fun..what kid DOESNT want to be on team elephant? haha). ANYWHO, the team names we chose (with some very nice help from creative Amy) are: Operacion Mobilizacion Monos (Operation Mobilization Monkeys), Fronteras Elefantes (Frontiers Elephants), COMIBAM Caiman (COMIBAM Alligator--i may or may not have ran out of space to put "caimanes" for "alligators" so...theyre all just 1 alligator), and A.I.M. Aranas (A.I.M. Spiders). (pictures attached). Then we did some kickboxing outside while the guys played basketball and Chris showed us some crazy plyometrics. Nothing like hard buns and thighs! We then ate and chilled and talked about God's word and about prayer. We read the article "Rebelling Against the Status Quo" by David Wells. Here are 2 good passages from the article: "To pray is to declare that God and this world are at cross-purposes. To "sleep" or "faint" or "lose heart" is to act as if they were not. Why, then, do we pray so little for our local church?" AND "Do you really think He would fail to bring about justice for His chosen ones who cry to him night and day. Will he keep putting them off? "I tell you," our Lord declares, "He will see that they get justice, and quickly" (Luke 18:7-8)."

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