Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I had to my way....

Day 34-July 18, 2011
Welp, somehow, I was convinced into going back up to Paraiso (Paradise)--remember? the 2.5 hour hike up the mountain? yeah...haha fun stuff. I figured, I found it discouraging all of the times people say that they cant come to your dorm room because "its cold outside....i cant walk 20 yards from my building to yours" or "your room is on the 3rd floor"....then i thought, "think about how many MORE people refuse to go up to visit the people of Paraiso just because the hike is too difficult"...thus, i sucked it up so that i wouldnt dissapoint them--especially for how much they do for us and for how often they walk down the mountain to see others and back up in the night time.

Poor Dr. D hurt his back, so he couldnt go up, so we went with Brad (who works on the farm for the hospital) and Seth, a Dr. from the US who is coming down to Honduras to see what long term missions is all about. THEREFORE, there were 7 of us: Brad, Seth, Bekah, Will, me, and 2 guys from the NJ group: Aaron and Drew. Good news was that Brad's pace up the mountain was not nearly as fast as the last time we went, so it was challenging just because of the hills, but it was not that painful! When we were about 1/3 of the way up, Fredi (a friend from paradise--19 years old) met us there with 2 horses: Grano de Oro (Piece of Gold) y Intocable (Untouchable). It was so sweet of him to bring them down. To add to that, he told me that he started walking back from Lucinda (where we live) the night before at 11 pm. He climbed up to Paraiso at night. I asked if he had a light, and he replied, "Solamente la luna" (ONLY THE MOON!) haha. SO....he got up to Paradise around 1 am or later, then he came back down in the morning to meet us with horses. How kind and what a sacrifice!
All of the guys refused the horses because they wanted to be men haha, so bekah and i took them for the middle part of the trail--why would we take it on the flatter part beats me...but we did (stupid! haha). We then walked the last part--or the part dr. d always says "you gotta go through hell to get to paradise"--the steep switchbacks.
When we made it to the top, the kids were standing there waiting, and when they saw us, they ran to us. How precious! We all ran back to their house and surprised everyone because they didnt know if we'd actually come. The smiles on their faces are incredible--they all are so full of joy and their laughter is so rich. One of the guys who is a teacher at a school in Paradise, Ever, took us up to the highest area near the house so we could look down on the mountain and the carribean. I wish i had brought a camera, but 1. i didnt wanna be too touristy & wanted to give them my undivided attention, and 2. i decided that i had to carry as little weight as possible up because, well, it's a tough'n.
We then ran through the rocks and mud and some animal poo poo where one of the boys, Albaro, got up in the tree about 30 feet in the air and was catapulting oranges down to us so they could make some fresh juice! We then went back up and sang through the Bible songs, while Brad and Seth installed the solar panels that they earned in the Olympics.
Of course, after that, they had a meal for us. SO KIND. there were 7 of us and they gave us SO MUCH FOOD (rice, beans, corn tortillas, bananas (they call these ones "manzanas" or "apples" because they taste like an apple!)--brad got 3 because he's "guapo" (handsome) and i got 2 because im "bonita" haha hey, whatever gets you more food ha ha jk--fried plantains, orange juice, carrots, oranges--YOU NAME IT. Only Brad and Will were able to finish their plates--THATS how much food they gave us. They then cut down sugar cane and we ate it (not a huge fan--its like chewing on a stick that just happens to be sweet haha). We then went up on the high point and played soccer...literally like 14 people on a maybe 10 by 10 field with rocks to mark goals. there was barely room to move...but i'll tell ya, for the entire time we played, there was constant laughter. Loud, genuine, rich laughter. Everyone was happy. Everyone was happy to be together to be enjoying each other's presence. That rich laughter is what everyone needs to hear. Every time that we complain that things didnt turn out the way we wanted them to....every time we say life is boring...every time we think we're "poor"...that laughter would be the cure to all of that. Poor? Only being poor in spirit will make you truly poor. These people are part of a small village--in fact, most of the village is this one family--2 parents, 6 kids, 1 grand kid all under a roof better defined as a 2, maybe 3, room mud hut. What we would define as impoverished, they would define as their everyday life. When we think that we're running low on cash, they think, "we have more than enough food to feed visitors, even if we know they have a lot more than us". Again, like i said last time i went to paradise, we tend to see poverty as lack of material possessions. Other see it as presence of things: loneliness, hopelessness, etc. These people might be "impoverished" by our definition, but they are not impoverished by their definition. They are rich in life and the Spirit of God. They're servants of God. It reminds me of this passage in Mark 12:41-44:
41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Would you be willing to give all you had? I know I'd struggle with that, and I'm sure most people would, too. Perhaps that's the key, though. Why have I not heard laughter more pure than up on that mountain. What they lack in possessions, they are overflowing with eternal richness. Think about how you're living then think about how they're living. Do you feel any guilt? Don't feel guilty for having money because you have been blessed..but have you been using that money for the wrong purpose? How much is used for God or serving others compared to serving your material desires? How much money do you use in place of giving others your time, attention, love, or laughter? If I had it my way, I'd have everyone visit Paradise.

Weekend as a Honduran

Day 32/33-Saturday, July 16, 2011--Sunday, July 17, 2011
We got up and caught the 7 am bus. We asked Bictelia to not get up, but of course, she had to get up and prepare us breakfast. GOSH! haha
Took the bus back home. Chillin' for a while, then getting ready to go to Balfate for a volleyball tournament on the beach and then to see the school coronation, a little princess pagent!
BUT...the guy we were supposed to call for details didnt pick up his phone....which was ironic because he's usually glued to his after a few hours of no response, one of the missionaries who lives in Balfate radio'ed us and said that we could go to Joseph's house (the guy we were trying to call). Amanda drove us down, and we watched the Uruguay vs. Argentina soccer game there (btw, Uruguay won in penalty kicks...just in case you wanted to know). We then got a tour of Balfate by Joseph. Everyone is related to everyone here...i swear! haha "theres my cousin. those are my nephews, those are my cousins, thats my grandma's house, etc." hahaha We then went to watch the pageant....basically a small procession of kids & the princess is the girl whose parents raised the most money for her to be the princess haha.
After the pageant, we went back to Joseph's house. His kind girlfriend, Yvonne, made us delcious coconut chicken, freshly squeezed lime juice (SO GOOD), plantains, and rice/beans. Then we walked to the beach and hung out there for part of the night. Joseph said that nobody ever goes to the beach except for La Semana Santa. If i lived there, i'd have bonfires out there or something...itd be fun!
Anywho, we went back and stayed over Joseph's house. There was AIR CONDITIONING in our bedroom, so all 4 of us (Chrystal, Bekah, Will, and myself) decided to sleep in that room. We got up the next morning and Yvonne made us literally the best breakfast i've ever tasted. Some type of eggs/potatos/etc. inside of bread that looked like a pierogie haha. Then we got some mamones for our walk back, and walked a good 45 minutes back to Lucinda. We went to church, taught the new team from NJ some of the Bible songs, and that's that.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love is a universal language

Day 31-Friday, July 15, 2011
Went to Rio Esteban again today. Joseph, the 5th and 6th grade teacher, decided that he didnt want to come to school. When he told us the day before, i just laughed..then, when we got to school, i realized that with him not there, chrystal and i were in charge of his whole class. not funny anymore. the kids had to write an essay "if i were rich, i would..." for homework, so we went over those. A lot of the kids wrote about helping the poorer people in Las Niguas and giving money to the poor which is interesting to read. We then helped them try to speak better english because their sentences were very choppy. Basically, chrystal tried to fix sentences on the board while i tried to get them to pay attention. it was a nightmare! the kids were looking up inappropriate words in the dictionary, moving around to different seats, kicking each other, yelling, saying inappropriate things, etc. etc. needless to say, we were very stressed out today. i then helped fernando write his essay since he decided not to do his homework--it was a nice break from the crazy classroom.
Then, we took a break from teaching and had bekah and will teach 3/4 grade math while we let our stress die away haha. Then, Dr. D came and we sang the Bible songs and all of his songs. and thats where i saw kids laughing at one of the girls in the 5th grade class-i asked why. they said she had lice. sure enough, i took a peek and saw some nasties crawling around. yeah...apparently 3 of the girls from the class have it....i freaked out initially, but thought of Jesus not being afraid of the lepers, so we shouldnt be afraid of lice. think about how much more serious leprosy is than lice. God will protect those who trust him. lice here.
We then came home and cleaned the house, getting it ready for the group coming in tomorrow. Then, we went to Rio Esteban--to Bictelia and Delmi's house. We walked through Rio Esteban and then got Deslin (another teacher in the school--19 years old, knows pretty good english!)--we met her family, then we went to the beach and watched the end of the sunset. We went back to Delmi's and, of course, Bictelia had a feast for us--some type of hard Honduran bread, that plantain and beef delicious dish, and pizza hut pizza (haha---someone went to la ceiba that day i guess) Unfortunately, Delmi didnt inform us that when we ate, she missed her Friday night Bible group, so afterwards, we went on the porch and had our own small bible group--sang a couple songs and Bictelia talked about the life of Moses and how his mom had to abandon him and send him down the river, and what looked like a disaster was just part of God's bigger plan. She said that in our lives, sometimes we wonder why certain things happen--she said for us, maybe we wonder why we're even in Honduras---but she said it's all part of God's bigger plan for your life. She then went to talk about how Moses had a speech impediment, and how he sometimes had trouble communicating, and she said that she feels that barrier with some of our group because she only knows spanish and some ppl only know english, and she feels that barrier. We then concluded, though, that love is a universal language. You dont need to know each other's tongues to love each other.
We then all got sleepy--at like 10 pm--wimps, i know haha. and we stayed over their house. They are the most generous people. You say thank you, and they dont want to hear it. They were thanking US for coming..but they had us over and they fed us and everything. it makes no sense! so kind!


Day 30-Thursday, July 14, 2011
Went to the Rio Esteban school today. Chrystal brought diet pepsi and mentos so we could do a volcano experiment with 3rd and 4th grade...explosion! woo! haha We helped the 3rd graders with science---learned about different types of fish. I tried to help Bictelia with chemistry bc she's helping her son...if you thought chem was hard to teach in english, dang...spanish threw me off a little, but together we worked through it. Overall, it was a good day at the school! Came home and had fellowship in the evening where one of the families was celebrating their daughter's 1st birthday--so precious!

En Casa

Day 29-Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Stayed en casa today to complete an imovie out of the powerpoint called "pilgrim's progress". Now Dr. D can take these movies (Pilgrim's Progress in English and Spanish, Soccer Evangelism in English and Spanish, Birthday Cake in English and Spanish)--no no, i definitely didnt do all of those...amanda did most of them, then bekah, will, and i did some others. That's about it for the day!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Because I've seen myself in the mirror

Estaysy being a character, as usual! haha I don't have any non-silly pics of her as of yet.

Day 28-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bilingual school again today. I got to work with Estaysy for most of the day 1 on 1. We read the Spanish and English Picture Bibles- she needs some work on reading Spanish and she needs a ton of help with the English. All in all, she was excited to read the Spanish book, and a little bit reluctant to read the English. She did a good job, though, and worked very hard. We then practiced conversations in English. I taught her different words and phrases to use for practical English. She was able to ask about my family and vice versa. She says she lives with her aunt, uncle, and dad and her mom lives in NY. I know her mom's in America, but i didnt know if her dad was in the picture or not...i dont know if she made up that her dad lives with her, too. Not quite sure yet. Then, after Recess #1, I went to work on an iMovie we were assigned to create called Soccer Evangelism, but with many distractions, i got nothing done. SO...i went back out to work with Estaysy more. She was very eager to learn today, and, of course, still cracking me up. She kept trying to put spiders on me, though, because i FREAKED OUT when a red spider was crawling on me--in my defense, theyre REPULSIVE. We then went to the AC room to work on more English, using a little chalkboard. She then started writing sentences on the chalkboard in Spanish. I was about to tell her to focus until i read what she was writing. She wrote (in spanish, though): "I'm ugly". [keep in mind, this is an 11 year old kid]. I erased it. She then wrote, "Do you want me to go away?" because earlier i told her to go back to her class when she wasnt being nice. I said no. She then wrote, "Don't you love me? yes or no?" and i said, "yes i do" and she wrote, "im ugly" again. I said, "why do you say that?" and she wrote, "because ive seen myself in the mirror." I started to cry, but i had to hold back the tears so she didnt see me. I told her that she's beautiful inside and out and that she shouldnt think that. I had to get bekah to work with her for a little while i went outside because i just didnt want her to see me crying about what she wrote. An 11 year old girl shouldnt be thinking she's ugly. Nobody should. When i told someone about it, they said, "its a part of growing up. she'll deal." but how can you say that when you see how it bothers her? I'm starting to think that she doesnt work hard not because she thinks she has to be lazy in America, but she feels worthless. I bet she doesnt get the support she should at home. She probably feels like a doormat, making her perceive this all that she's worthless and ugly. I talked to Mrs. Rumbaugh and asked how i should deal with this, and she gave me some tips. I want to try to show her the love of God...especially before this goes too far and could ruin her life. Pray for Estaysy and pray for me so that I may say the right things to lead her to hope in Christ. The Lord is throwing out challenges to me, but through Him, I can face them and succeed. He loves so that we, too, can love others.
When we got back from the school, we worked on more projects (iMovie, painting sheets for our Missionary Bible School, and made tortillas). There was an H-M (Honduras al Mundo) meeting, where about 25 people were present, including 4 from Paradise (Ever, Fredi, Linda, and Glendi--it was little Linda's 21st birthday and she walked 2 hours down a mountain and 2 hours back up on her own birthday!). When we were cooking the tortillas, Bekah had a little mishap with the gas stove...let's just say some of her hair is singed and she THREW HERSELF on the ground faster than ive ever seen anyone before. I couldnt stop laughing. hahahaha
We all enjoyed fellowship and the good food, then we came back up and worked more on the projects, then called it a night.

Egg Shell Experiment

Day 27-Monday, July 11, 2011

Went to the bilingual school in Rio Esteban today. The kids I normally work with were kept in class most of the day, so we didnt end up doing much. I got to teach math to Marcos (who apparently goes by Manuel, too, haha) and Mauricio (the son of Eduardo)---these are the boys i taught science to last week. They are such cuties...Mauricio has the sweetest little smile, and they are well behaved kids. I read both the Spanish and the English picture bibles with Estaysy for a little bit, then we came back to casa. Delmi and Walter came over to play volleyball, but i forced myself to study for the stinkin' GRE haha, so i didnt play, but they stayed for dinner, too, so I got to spend some time with them, there. Delmi refused to take a sweatshirt to borrow even though she was freezing-so stubborn! they give give give to us all of the time, and they wont let anyone give back! silly geese! haha we ate, delmi and walter left, and amanda did a science experiment of a child...we put an egg in vinegar to see the shell disintegrate over a day....and thats about it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A True Friend Wipes Poop Off Of Your Head

Day 25-Saturday, July 9, 2011

We got up today and met Delmi and her uncle at the gate at 8 am. Eduardo (Ed-weird-o) wanted to take us swimming at Rio Coco and Bambu! We missed Delmi’s 22nd birthday on Thursday, so we brought her down a cake haha. We then rode in the back of the truck to Bambu, first. It was beautiful! I didn’t take pictures, but hopefully I can snag some off of someone. It was a waterfall and then a cenote type area (like in Mexico) a big circular oasis type thing with jungle surrounding it. Then there was a small cliff to jump from and a vine from a tree. SO FUN!

We then walked to the beach. We played volleyball and some soccer there. Delmi got stung by a jellyfish or something weird, so we peaced it outta the water! We then walked along the beach shore up until there was no beach and it was just ocean and rock. We then walked to Rio Coco. It was SAWEET. You have to swim up the river to get to the waterfall. Swim/walk, I guess. It was rocky, so you could walk on some of them, but at one point, you just have to swim. The jungle is surrounding you. If you swim on your back and just look up into the blue sky with the beautiful trees around you, it almost feels like it’s a taste of heaven. You cant hear anything because the water’s in your ears, and you’re just floating peacefully down the river. Finally, after doing some climbing up some bigger, slippy boulders, we made it. It was even more beautiful than Bambu. There was a huge boulder you could jump off of one once side if you climbed up. Then, there was a nice cliff on the other side. And, of course, a sweet waterfall! Eduardo showed me a way to climb up to the cliff. He said he doesn’t like to jump, but the water was deep. People jump off of there all of the time, supposedly, but Mrs. Rumbaugh warned us that ppl have come back with slit open feet and broken ankles, so it was a bit of a risk to take. Anyways, I’m all about an adrenaline rush and having some fun, so I went for it. It was fun, but once was enough. All in all, it was a lot of fun and beautiful!

Anywho, we swam back and Bictelia was THERE! She made us a feast. Delicious beef/steak---so good. Tortillas. Beans. Hard boiled eggs. Cole Slaw. A LITERAL FEAST. How kind is a person that not only makes you a feast for the heck of it, but then stands there with a plate and swats the flies away from your food the whole while you are eating? So kind and so loving. We then ate, chilled out, and just talked, spent time together. I gave bekah a hard time about stealing my topo again, so bictelia naturally showered me with topos. Then, I felt terrible. Haha But I wasn’t gonna deny them…haha We then went back home. Will and Bekah found a coconut. I went to eat some of it but found POOP on my finger. I washed it off and came out and bekah went, “you have something on your forehead. Is it chocolate or poop?” welp, we don’t have chocolate here, so…yes, was POOP. “A true friend wipes poop off of your forehead” hahahaha. We then ate dinner, chilled, and called it a night!

"This Here. I would never trade this for any building"

Day 24-Friday, July 8, 2011

We went to the school in Rio Esteban today. We taught for a little while, then some of us took the 5th and 6th graders up to Las Niguas (the place where we ran through the jungle into the river in the thunderstorm on our first day). Delmi and I went with a handful of kids and then Bekah, Will, Dezlinn, and Chrystal came with some more kids. It's crazy how mature these kids are compared to American kids who are so protected.
This is what we did. Imagine this happening in America, haha: The kids took off first and Delmi and I came after. They walk down the dirt road barefoot and then after about 200 yards, cut off to a path on the left. It's a rocky/dirt path and you walk for a while. The kids are jumping into the trees or hitting them with big sticks or throwing rocks at them to get mangos out of the trees. Theyre running to bushes and trying to find fresh fruit to eat there, eating it to find out how rotten it is or if it's edible enough to have. Then, you cross a river. You continue onward to more dirt paths. Some kids are dragging way behind just taking their time, but you as a "teacher" don't need to stay behind and keep an eye on them because they're mature and this is everyday for them. You cross another river. Another dirt path (or sand). Another river. (and when i say "cross a river" i mean, you walk through it. granted, its not rainy season, so it's not high at all, but it's not like youre walking across bridges). Then you go up some hills and finally make it to a one room school. The kids all make it there eventually, but not at the same time. These kids are mature compared to Americans.
Anywho, some events on our way over. There were a bunch of Honduran construction workers saying stuff when we walked by them on our way to Las Niguas since I'm a gringa. Little Joni was so cute, though. He yelled back and protected me haha. I didnt hear what they said bc i knew to just keep walking, and he said, "They said you're beautiful and they want you as their girlfriend" and i went "jaja mentiras" (haha lies) and he goes, " are very pretty" God love him...little 10 year old protected me from their cat calls haha. Then, poor Joni was eating a mango and bit is tongue SO BADLY. Blood was just pouring. He was spitting blood. I had no clue what to do. Another event-Jordi (a boy who loves Justin Bieber music) went "swimming" in the one river we crossed. He was just sitting there, and i asked the kids what he was doing and they said, "Jordi's taking a poo" haha ew. Then, I ran some of the way with Trisha--she's a beautiful 6th grader who is tall and thin and doesnt say much, but she's friends with some mischief makers, so i know she isnt as quiet as she seems. She was very loving and fun, today, so I think she's showing us her less quiet side, now! haha
There are 3 "garifuna" (of west africa descent--they're the black hondurans) girls who always hang out together. They're all in 5th/6th grade. Estaysy (the girl i work with whose mom lives in NY), Jasmin, and Trisha. They're all tall, skinny, fun/sassy girls. Estaysy and Jasmin say theyre cousins--theyre both so mischievious! SO...i finally went, "if youre cousins, then all 4 of us are cousins" and Estaysy said, "NO!" and then pointed to her skin then to mine hahahaha BUT finally, they accepted it and said im their "prima" now. Worked my way into the garifuna circle, babay haha.
Anyways, we went to a school and did some of the Bible songs with 5 kids up in Las Niguas. Usher gave me a green mango there. They're not ripe, but you can eat them with salt and vinegar. Pretty sure i just got a huge chunk of salt because thats all i tasted. nast. haha. The green mango is probably the same consistency of biting into a raw potato. After we did the songs, we went down to the river. We all swam in the river and just had a good time. The kids are great, and it was fun to have a fun day with them where we werent forcing them to do schoolwork for once! I tried to teach some of them to swim, but we realized that we had 10 minutes to catch our bus and we were 15-20 minutes away. SO...we sprinted back to Rio Esteban. At least it helps dry your wet clothes off a little! We made it back with plenty of time to spare. When we got back, Usher informed me that Bictelia gave Bekah a topo (flavored ice in a bag) to give to me when we got up to Las Niguas since i didnt bring my water. I didnt know because Bekah had eaten it on the way up, exclaiming, "it wouldve been melted by the time it got to you, anyway". i really didnt care at all, but, of course, im making a huge deal out of it cause its fun haha. On our way home, we saw some slashing and burning going on up in the mountains..of course, the kids SWORE they saw a helicopter crash into the side of the mountain. The story kept changing "it was an airplane. no it was a helicopter carrying people. no, i saw missles come and attack the helicopter and it went down" long story short: little liars! haha
We got back, did some chores, made pizzas for dinner, and then booked it beacuse at 4:30 we were to meet Joseph (teacher at the school) and Walter (Bictelia's son/Delmi's brother) at the gate to go into Rio Esteban to play basketball. We rode there and played real street ball with Hondurans. I played 2 games then ducked out-i wanted to play soccer with the kids/basketball with a bunch of grown men isnt my style haha. I played keep away with some kids from the school, where theres a circle and the person in the middle has to win the ball. WELP, they have a rule that if you get megged, you have to win the ball 5 times just to make it out of the circle. and....i got megged...2 times in a row. i had to win the ball 10 TIMES before making it out of the circle. at least that teaches you not to get megged haha.
After basketball, we went to Bictelia's house. Delmi took us down to the beach. The sun was almost set at this point, but it was BEAUTIFUL. She said something that I'll never forget. She said: "This here. I would never trade this for any building in the United States." I'm not hating on the US by any means. I'm blessed to have been born there. BUT Delmi, unlike a lot of people, realizes the beauty of where she's at and is content with what God has done for her that she's not gonna say "Honduras es feo" (Honduras is ugly) like a lot of people say, just because its not wealthy. We then went back to the house. I played with one of the kids there (there are so many ppl and kids and everyones related, so you dont know who is whose kid, etc.). Bictelia then served us a plantain dish with some type of beef/sauce. Literally tasted like fries and ketchup. SO GOOD. Good, busy day!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Power of Prayer

Day 23-Thursday, July 7, 2011

We all stayed en casa today so that we could work on projects and learn the songs so we can teach the team from Minnesota when they come in tomorrow. It was a long, HOT day. We converted powerpoints to imovies and what not.
The Rumbaugh girls (Mrs., Amanda, and Amy) went to La Ceiba to pick up the team from Minnesota, so Bekah, Will, Chris, and I made our own dinner. It was a precious little night hahaha We had tortillas with eggs, peppers, onions, ham, and salsa (just in case you were interested). Bekah made a pumpkin pie.
Now we're chilling...watching Jumanji!
Read Luke 11 today--especially the part about praying and about being diligent and persistent in prayer. It's worth going over. Pray for Alyssa Sabo, btw. She's a rising senior at GCC who went into liver failure suddenly (they think it's Wilson's disease), but she is in desperate need for a liver. She's on the verge of sepsis (infection in the blood), and if that happens, she most likely won't get a liver and could probably die. This is a very serious case, and she needs every prayer she can get. Tell your family/friends to pray for her. God does miraculous things!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Like High School---Almost Missed the Bus!

Day 22-Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Early start to the Rio Esteban school again today. The power went out in the middle of the night and Bekah and I may or may not have woken up at like 6:05..the bus comes at 6:20...15 minutes..not too shabby! we got ready, i gave bekah reality awareness training (ex. dont straighten your hair/put on make-up when it's 6:20). We ran down the hill and made it JUST in time.
At the school, I had to help Daneli, Fernando, and Joni do workbooks. Again, a difficult and partially daunting task. Fernando didnt have a workbook to work out of, so he had to copy down every sentence. He was very frustrated and didnt work for a while. Bictelia then told me that he doesnt have a book because his parents didnt buy him one. I felt horrible after that and didnt make him copy the sentences.
Today was "gym class" day, so we played blob tag and soccer. We then worked in the air conditioned room for 15-20 minutes...that was refreshing! I then did flashcards (math, english) with Fernando and some of the 3rd grade class.
Eduardo came over and so kindly got us juice and mangos. He's so sweet....always giving us stuff! He said he wants to take us cliff jumping in "rio coco" on Saturday with a picnic...i hope he does! we'd feel more Honduran! haha
We took the bus home and I sat by Adriana again. She told me that her parents and younger sister are in America but left her back to stay with her Grandma. I asked why and she said, "they didn't want me to come" and looked sad. I'm sure there's a reason, but to a kid, they cant understand. I felt bad. I just told her that it was probably so she could stay and go to school to try and cheer her up.
We climbed up the hill and chilled/worked a little, then we had dinner. Watched the movie about the brain surgeon with the miracle hands. GREAT movie!



Day 21-Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today was Dr. D's birthday! I stayed en casa because it was my day. I worked on putting pictures of the interns/other teachers into a powerpoint called "the birthday cake" which is an extended metaphor about your life and using your talents for God.
Then, i devised a parody to "Billionaire" (i know, right? second parody to that song) called "Dr. D" for us to sing to him for his birthday.
When everyone got back from the school, we went down to staff housing with Cynthia, Delmi, and Lindi and started making the big cloth posters for our Missionary VBS on the 23rd. We painted and designed away-----we almost have 2 of 4 countries done: india and tanzania.
We then came back and the power went out for a few we chilled in the dark--stared out from the porch into the caribbean and watched the lightning light up the sky and the clouds--SO BEAUTIFUL.
Dr. D then came back from errands he had to run and just as we were beginning dinner, the lights turned on! We ate delicious lasagna and had carrot cake (his favorite) and performed his song.
He was a little down and out from something, so it was good to see him cheer up when he heard the song. Maybe that song was made at the right time so that it could cheer him up? Nobody wants to be upset on their birthday! God's timing is always perfect! PRETTY NEAT.
And thats it for the day!

The Jellyfish has WHAT?

Day 20-Monday, July 4, 2011

Welp, first 4th of July not in America. It was less celebratory on this day than I'm used to-that's fa sho. BUT we ended up going to a picnic with all of the other missionary families--a little American celebration!
We first went to the school in the morning. A lady had told us we missed the bus, so we began to run to the school. Within about 100 yards of our 5ish mile haul, we heard the bus zooming behind us. nope..nope we didn't miss the bus. lies. SO...we got on the bus. I sat near Adriana and her friend.
At the school, Crystal was grading papers for teacher Joseph, and Joseph was mad at the kids saying "nobody this age is this careless" SO he sent out the usual 4 to me to deal with on my own. uh oh. i was already really tired to begin with...then, he asked me to help joni finish his notebook while making the other 3 do oral exercises in english. it was so hard trying to control the kids today. SO many questions. SO much bickering among them. A few times I put my head on the table and just prayed for strength because i didnt know how i'd get through the day (which was an hour longer than last week now that exams are over). The one exercise the kids had to do, they had to draw a picture and say what it was. Estaysy drew a mean looking person and asked "como se dice enfadada en ingles" (how do you say mad in english?). Then she goes, "Cara esta enfadada"...oops. i told her to say "tired" and not "mad" haha.
Finally, recess came along and i rejoiced..that didnt last long, though. I bought a topoillo (topo--the snow cone esque food in a plastic bag), but was then coerced to play "toca toca" (tag) with it. I felt like a kid again, running around with a bag in my mouth haha. It actually cheered me up a bit! Then, I had to help two 9 year olds (Mauricio-song of Ed-weird-o, and Marco) go over their science unit. it was all in english and i was thinking that they understood about half of what they read--in their defense, it was about sea creatures and then solar energy. I laughed aloud at one point, though, because marco was reading and was trying to say "the jellyfish has tentacles to feel" and instead, he said "the jellyfish has testicles"...i had to hold the laughter in haha
They were really well-behaved and fun boys and when we had to list "things that require electric energy," Mauricio said "iphone"...even i wouldnt have though of that haha. The day ended with playing "UNO" with estaysy, fernando, and another girl. Joseph said "do anything you want-i dont want them distracting my classroom" we practiced english colors and numbers via "UNO"
We then came home and did some yard work. Chopping down tall grass/some small trees with machetes. Then, we went to a 4th of July party at the McKenney's house (the mister is the founding surgeon of the hospital). We came back and wound down and called it a night.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would You Be That Fool, Unashamed of Worshipping God?

Day 19-Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today was Sunday school day! We read some more “purpose driven life” then we went to worship. We worshipped and watched a sermon by francis chan. It was about realizing how SOVEREIGN and how HUGE God is and about pondering on that fact seriously.

Here are some notes from a sermon from Francis Chan's series of his book: Crazy Love:

-Having a high God is the solution to most of your problems

-When you have a big view on God, crazy things will happen. When you have a small view on God, you become ungrateful. You think He was created for you, and then you'll start judging God.

Read: Ezekiel 21:26--what God is like and what He does to ppl who see him

-One day, Francis Chan's church had 2 ppl in a service and he said, "I hope youd idnt come for a crowd because you are in the presence of a Holy God. We better give it all we got."

Luke 7:36

-Would you be the one talking with Jesus like the Pharisee, not that surprised to be face to face with him, or would you not care what people were thinking and wish his feet with tears and your hair and perfume. Could you be that "fool" for Jesus or are you "just that cool?"

We then took an hour+ to reflect on our time here, etc.

Getting ready for dinner, doing some other things, etc.


God Gave You the Perfect Day

Delmi with Briana

The Team

Day 18-Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welp, today was my birfday…and I don’t like a big fuss about it, but they tried to catch me with breakfast in bed. I was stealthy enough to wake up and get out of bed and drink my smoothie at the table instead. BUT the smoothies were good and reminded me of home (rooney-the bomb diggity). Then, they made banana and choco-choco chip pancakes! So delish.

We then went to Will’s soccer game. We rode with the team 2 hours to the fields. Delmi came because Bekah, Chris, and I were coming. We had a great time spending time with her and practicing our Spanish with her and helping her practice her English. Words learned: amanecer=sunrise, atardecer=sunset, esta amaneciendo=the sun is rising, esta atardeciendo=the sun is setting. Present progressive=more common than present tense. (opposite of book Spanish). ALSO: Possessive adjectives with body parts (mi pierna…not la pierna…..different than book Spanish). Im mostly writing this so I can remember…but if youre interested, then enjoy!

The bus came 2 hours late to get us and then when we got to the field, the game didn’t start for another hour. SO…it was a longer day than expected. Finally, the game started. Will played great! the coach and all of the players loved him. Little feisty Briana had come with her parents, so she stuck with us for a lot of the day.

After the first game, we all went in Delmi’s aunts truck bed through the town of Jacoa and to her house. She had a very nice house and a nice pulperia (little store) attached, too. Her one daughter lives in the US and will be attending 5th grade there in the fall, but she was back for the summer. We played a little with the kids. The other daughter fell off of a pole and hit her head hard and when she was crying, I noticed she had something in her hair…so I lovingly was trying to get it out. I mean ,it took like 15 seconds of diligent pulling to get it out. Once I got it out, I realized what it was: a booger. So much for trying to help. Hahaha Anywho, Delmi’s aunt had a lovely lunch for us: tortillas, eggs, ham, cheese, and what not that you put in tortillas. She also gave us some Honduran milk candy which tasted like yummy cow tales! And she gave me an extra for my bday bc she knew I liked it a lot! How sweet! Also, for 3 liters of coke: $1.75. good deal or WHAT?

Delmi’s aunt then drove us back to the bus. She had to drive off the road at one point and went over BOULDERS. Bekah flew up and bounced in the truck bed multiple times. I’ve never laughed at someone so hard in my life. Delmi started opening up and joking with us. When we saw graffiti of “gringos asesinos” she goes “THEY ARE HERE. THE GRINGOS!”…obviously she knew we weren’t in danger or she wouldn’t have done it, so it cracked us all up. We then got back on the bus and took the long, sweaty trek home.

On our way back, I was staring outside. I had been saying to Delmi all day about how beautiful Honduras is and kept pointing out the beauty of the sky or mountains, etc. When we were heading back, she tapped me on the shoulder and said, in broken English, “Cara. God given you the perfect day.” And that he did. We got back around 7:30, but the guard at the gate was a talkative one, so he talked to us for a good 15-20 minutes about everything in the book. His name was Ines. He was very precious!

We then made it back up and the Rumbaughs had set up the picnic table outside for dinner. They waited for us to eat! How nice! They had a pink table cover (for my favorite color) and pink Barbie plates and the table covered with little decorations. We ate and then Dr. Don said “nobody can get seconds until we play a game.” He had heard that at our soccer camp last year we never had time to work out, so he devised a workout related scavenger hunt for us all to follow. It was so fun and so precious! We ran, did some kickboxing, played Knockout in basketball, bekah and will did our handstands for us, and we crab walked to complete the race. It all led to a gift on the front porch of a house. It was a piece of bamboo with flowers in it. Dr. Don said that bamboo is one of the strongest things in the world and its strength actually comes from its flexibility. It was a cool representation of how we should be-our strength should come from our flexibility. They also gave me a nice card, a shirt for the cornerstone foundation (it was red-great color choice!), amy made a bottle that had Honduras arted (well, I don’t remember the name of the art…shame on me…but its paper and glue..only really fancy and cool…so my way of describing it is “arted”) on it, and Bekah and Will gave me some of their candy and gum they had stored up. Even though being with my real family would’ve been the ideal birthday, they made it a fun and special one, and I appreciated everything they did and the beautiful day God gave very, very much.


In the back of the truck

Bekah with Briana

Briana being a character, per usual

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yep, That's Burned, Too

Day 17-Friday, July 1, 2011

Today, I stayed in casa to work on a project. I did some chores: burned our trash (you burn trash here instead of garbage dumps. Also, fun fact, you cant flush toilet paper here, so you have to throw used TP into a garbage and then burn that, too. SO....i did some smelly burning today. One day when Bekah and I were walking back from the school, we smelled what we thought was a BBQ and we were like "OH MY GOSH THAT SMELLS SO GOOD". lies. it was the trash burning. nasty.
Then I did some sweeping outside and in (youd be so proud of me, mom. cleaning week. haha). I then worked on putting the Bible Storying cloth into a powerpoint with the English and Spanish words on top of them and the page number of the corresponding story in the picture Bible. that took quite a while!
Then i helped make pizza, ran, and then we ate dinner and watched the Count of Monte Cristo-great movie! The girls so kindly watched Pretty Little Liars with me after, even though none of them have ever seen it. They did it out of kindness since my birthday is tomorrow...they MAY have liked it a little! haha
That's about it for the day! A little quieter, but just as productive!


Example of one of the 40-some slides on the powerpoint:

Scary Blue Eyes

Daneli posing haha

Day 16-Thursday, June 30, 2011

I went to the Rio Esteban school again, today. Bictelia was cracking up thinking about one girl we met last week who had lived in Mexico for a year...she was telling her friends/family who didnt know spanish that "estoy embarazada" meant "im embarrassed" so that theyd say it....really, it means "im pregnant" bictelia was still cracking up at that haha it is hilarious

I went in the 2nd (i believe) grade room and did flashcards with the kids. talk about a group that doesnt understand "1 person go at a time" or "uno por uno" (thats what on kid kept saying, at least). I got overwhelmed because i was just thrown in the classroom, and i felt like the teacher wanted me to do everything. I didnt want to do that because i didnt want to take over her class, so i left and helped Crystal with our 4 main kids (well, 3 today bc joni was sick and stayed home).
They were taking a listening test that she wrote for them. She basically told facts about her life (in english), and they had to answer questions (in english) about what they had heard. The first time around, none of them had taken "apuntes" (notes) even after i stressed that they take them to remember what Crystal said. Naturally, they didnt know the answers. SO...she read it again and i stressed even more to "take apuntes"...daneli took good notes. fernando didnt take any. and estaysy...well, estaysy had her towel over her face and im pretty sure she wasnt listening at all. Fernando surprisingly remembered it all without taking notes. We were so proud of him! Crystal gave him some extra hugs to boost his confidence since it is low. Daneli took good notes and did well, too! Then, Crystal rewarded them by playing basketball while I stayed back with Estaysy and made her take the test.
I finally gave her a speech in Spanish that went something like this: You want to live in the US someday with your mom, right? (she said "si"). Well, you think that you can just move there and everything will be OK. It wont be like that. You need to learn English. You need to have an education. You can't just go to the US without knowing anything. Almost everyone in the US speaks English, and you have the opportunity to learn it, but you don't participate, instead. I came from another country so that i can help you learn english so that you can someday go to the US, and it makes me sad to see that you dont even try. Also, i'm going to college just to get a job in the US. It's not just easy coasting. You need to start speaking English and start participating, do you understand me?
She looked at me and said "yes"..and she started speaking english after, so i hope that worked. She then started asking me questions about the United States. What it was like, If it was beautiful (for the record, i said yes, but i also said that honduras is beautiful, too. she said "no honduras es feo" (its ugly)...she has the delusional perception that "poor" is ugly. honduras is a beautiful country, and, as discussed, money isnt everything!) Anyways, she said "im scared" and i was like "of what?" and she said "your blue eyes" and then covered her face HAHAHAHAHA she meant because they're different, but she said they were scary. so funny.
After that, we had the kids play hangman in English to practice their words. Estaysy came over to hang with her friends, and, like she had been doing all day, turned her legs weirdly, scrunched up her face, and let one rip. Her friends ran. We all laughed. I learned the word for "fart" because of her: pedo. hahahaha Also, she made me laugh by a little joke she told. In spanish, "cara" means "expensive," so she said (and wrote with chalk): cara, barata. welp, barata means "inexpensive" or "cheap" in spanish, so she kept saying "cara barata" to me hahaha.

(Picture: "cara barata" by Estaysy)
Daneli and another girl were then drawing pictures of me. It was a pink person (closest to white haha) with blonde hair (because they see my hair as blonde bc its so light in comparison), and blue eyes hahaha (pic included). then, jasmine and daneli both wrote "cara beautiful" sweet. broke my heart haha

(Picture: Daneli drawing me)
We then played some soccer and tag during recess, took the bus home, and came home! There was fellowship, so we had the potluck dinner, where we used innovative skills when there were no utensils or cups. Amanda used carrot sticks as chopsticks, accidentally eating her carrots in the process. I used a knife as a fork. Will took a ziploc bag and filled it with juice and bit off a corner so we could all have a drink. All rules are off when youre playing for survival (ok, so it wasnt life/death, but its fun to pretend that youre a savage haha). Amanda and Amy (Dr. D's and Mrs. Rumbaughs daughters) led worship. They did a great job--great musicians! and they chose great songs, all of them as exact words from scriptures, challenging us to meditate on God's word.
After fellowship, we toured the hospital. We got to see twins (boy and girl) who were brought in recently who are 8 months and were only 8 pounds each when brought in...i was that much when i was born! haha they were drinking cows milk, etc. and werent absorbing nutrients, so they were extremely small. theyve grown since then, but they were still small....and adorable.
We then went to talk to Cynthia's in-laws because they were missionaries in Papa New Guinea. It was cool seeing their perspective on things and their stories about the indigenous tribes that are like 4 feet tall (youd look tall next to them, allison) haha.


Daneli singing "Yo Soy El Camino" in Spanish, and then in English (I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, except through me).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Me Equivoqué, Joni!

"pitito" wearing wills hat. que precioso

riding the bike with daneli like all hondurans person on the seat and the other(s) hanging off a part of the bike in some way or another

Day 15-Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today, we got up early again to go to the Rio Esteban School. I was listening to my ipod to go to bed, and I may or may not have woken up with it on my back and i thought it was a gecko or a scorpion that was crawling on me, and i had a fit. I may have fought with my ipod in the middle of the night.

Marta (the child with swag) finally started dancing to "yeah turn my swag on" with a sideways hat. such a thug. crystal was reading the kids a story in English. As she read, i felt eyes on me..i look up and Marta is bobbing her head to "turn my swag on" hahaha (picture and possible video included)

ANYWHO, we were all a lot more tired today than the other it was a little more challenging today than the other days. We rode the bus to the school, per usual. Chrystal then wrote a writing exam for Fernando and Estaysy. We helped them complete that. Then Joni and Daneli did the normal writing exam and I helped them write theirs. They were so cute...they had to write a letter to a friend, and they wrote letters like this: Hello ____, I have one father and one mother. I have a beautiful family. I like to eat pizza. I have a bicycle. I have 5 uncles. Yours truly, _____". In hers, Daneli said, "me gusta ir a Tela" (I like to go to Tela)...i asked what Tela was and she said "es un pais" (it's a country), but she meant to say "ciudad" (city). Joni started laughing at her, and she snapped into her fiery, sassy mode (she flips into it so fast...for such a sweet little girl, it's hilarious). She looked at him and said, sternly, "Me equivoqué, Joni. Todo el mundo tiene errores!" (I made a mistake, Joni. Everyone in the world has errors (makes mistakes)). I took a video of her and her friend Doris re-enacting her sassiness...not quite as good as the original, but it works enough to make you smile haha
We then went over the storying cloth and flash cards with them. They had poor attention spans which was difficult for me and Crystal because we were both exhausted. Estaysy wasn't even trying because she has the mindset that she doesn't have to try. I can't remember if i posted this on yesterdays update or not, so i'll repeat it. Her mother lives in New York and her father lives here. Bictelia said (or at least this is what I think she said) that this is the first year that they've had a home in Honduras. Her mother is able to make enough to send money back, but that gives Estaysy the impression that she's rich. She then takes the mindset that she doesn't need to learn because that's not what rich people do. She would rather not participate or learn because in her mind, "She doesn't have to" because she's going to be rich in the US someday. THEREFORE, she was extremely stubborn today and kept walking off to do her own thing or wouldnt say the english flash cards.
I know that she knows english (or at least some), but she wont use it because she doesnt want to...although, she was cracking me up because she knew the word "gift" was pronounced the way it is, but she wanted to be goofy, so she kept saying "gifyteh"...then at random parts of the day, she'd say "gifyteh" just for the heck of it. it cracked me up, haha We then somehow survived the day (by the grace of God) and took the bus back home. Some of the kids wanted us to sit with them, so I sat in a seat with 3 other girls (ps the bus is weird here...there are 2 sides separated by an aisle (like a typical bus), but one side fits 3 people and the other fits 1 person (technically..although, it is typically more). I met Adriana and some other kids. We did some fun hand/singing games, including "el ritmo de los pies" (rhythm of feet...and it goes to other parts of the body). It was a fun time, and the kids are just so fun to laugh with and hug!
When we finally got back, Will, Bekah, and Crystal went to the beach, while the lazy people (me and Chris) stayed back and did some work. We then had some visitors (other interns) up to the house for dinner. We had a good time together and good fellowship and, of course, good food!

I'm going to attach some pictures/videos of kids from different parts of the day.


kids on the bus

on the bus with briana: asian posing

more asian tourist posing

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yeah, Turn My Swag On

Feisty little Brianna

Brianna loves to be flipped. is another child hanging off of her while I'm trying to flip her. safe.

FEISTY briana

Day 14-Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today, we got up and got ready to go to Rio Esteban. Will stayed back today to work on projects while the rest of us went to the school. Mine and Chrystal's kids were taking an exam in the morning, so we sat in the kindergarten room and practiced english colors and numbers. The kids were so cute. One of the boys' hair was kind of long but really soft and looked so precious when he moved his whole head bc the large mass of hair would move, too haha. The kids were impressive, though. They knew numbers, the alphabet, and colors in English. They could also understand the teacher when she spoke some English, too.
Then, we went and found our kids after spending an hour in kindergarden. We got to play with the kids for a while. I taught Marta (5th grader. major swag. she knows english SO well and knows all of the Bible songs. She's got SWAG), Doris (the girl who was in my group in the Olympics practice), and Daneli "Concentration 54" and we played (photos attached). Christian then wanted me to play soccer with them, so i played for a little-hence the reason that i was sweatier than usual in some of the pics...although, im in a constant sweat while here haha. Marta told me that i could play soccer in the Olympics, so i like her a lot now hahaha. SWAG.
Then, Chrystal went somewhere, so i was left with the 4 kids by myself. HOW SCARY! BUT Bictelia came over and helped me start and we did the Bible Storying Cloth in English and in Spanish. Then she worked on some math with Estaysy while Fernando did some quehaceres (chores) and Joni and Daneli read me a bunch of Bible stories in English. I'm trying to break their habit of saying "tree" instead of "three" everytime they said "tree" i would say "ARBOL?" (tree in spanish), until they said three. it makes sense why they cant say "th" well because they dont have those sounds together in spanish...BUT theyre gonna have to learn some way or another. They did a great job reading, and i was glad to see how eager they were to read.
Then, I had some balls that they were able to earn "si se comportan bien y participan" (if they behave well and participate). To win their pelotita (little ball), I had them do math: multiplication and addition. Then we played "head it. catch it"...a popular game we coached at soccer camp. If you say "head it" you have to catch it and vice versa. WELL, not only did it get them up and moving, they enjoyed it a lot...AND if they messed up (headed it instead of caught it, etc.) they had to do a math problem. I then had them do the Bible storying cloths again (Daneli was so eager that she did it both in Spanish and English) to earn their pelotitas.
I learned some new phrases today: 1. anotar un gol=to score a goal, 2. estar empatados=to be tied (as in not losing or winning), 3. tirador=slingshot .
We then went over english flash cards. They were having a hard time pronouncing "moo," "moon," and "balloon" correctly, so i made a phrase up for them to remind them that those 3 words all sound similar: la vaca debajo de la luna con un globo. (the cow (MOO) under the moon with a balloon). They also kept saying "equal" instead of "equals" (ex. 4 plus 2 equal 6)..most likely bc in spanish it is "es igual" and it isnt plural...BUT i made them keep repeating it correctly until they did it on their own. I'm a pusher. haha (mean girls reference anyone?). I also learned that they say, for example, "6 mas 3 es igual a 9" instead of "6 y 3 es igual a 9". I'm just trying to pick up on real life spanish, ya know! Also, i said "que pasa calabaza" (whats up pumpkin?) to someone to joke and then i found out that theres MORE to the phrase "cada quien para su casa"..say that 10 times fast: que pasa calabaza. cada quien para su casa.
ANYWHO, i had them go over colors in english and made a game to see who had the most flashcards in the end. it ended up being a tie when recreo (recess) #2 came along. btw, there are 2 at like 9 something and one at 11ish. they eat during the 9 o'clock one because they dont eat breakfast in the morning when they wake thats like their breakfast. they snack at the 11ish break, too. ANYWHO #2, they were really excited to compete, and they all did well! We then played some tag, some more hand games, and some more soccer.
Before we left, a fiesty little girl named briana (picture included and videos, too---shes the girl who raps haha) was performing for the camera. she sang and when she sang the months of the year in english, she said "jan...etc.....december..these are the MOTHERS of the year." listen for it in the video.
It was then time to salir (leave). We took the bus back and Anthony (the bilingual small 8 year old) entertained us the whole way. We then came back and got ready to make flour tortillas with delmi (bictelias 21 yr old daughter) and Dezlin (teacher who is 19)...they both looked at least in their late 20s to me....threw me off. although i dont look very young myself haha. I was HORRIBLE at making tortillas. absolutely horrible. they laughed at me. i dropped the tortillas. delmi even gave me one of hers to make bigger. it somehow got SMALLER as i was making it. how? how is that possible? haha.
We then participated in H-M (honduras al mundo---to train them to do missions). We wrote and shared testimonies. Ever and Fredi came from Paraiso, Lindi came, Delmi, Dezlin, Cynthia (the VBS coordinator), Bictelia, and some Hondurans that we've never met. We then ate tortillas and beans, etc. afterwards.My fake tooth may or may not have shaken in my mouth when i tried to bite the tortilla. i bet it was one of the ones i made haha. we then got to talk to Ever and Fredi more. Ever nicknamed me Lady Gaga and nicknamed Bekah Britney Spears and nicknamed Chris Mr. Bean (bc he hates beans haha) and nicknamed Will as James Bond. He was funny; he cracked us all up! haha
THEN, we came back and are getting ready for another busy, but fulfilling, day tomorrow by serving God.

links to videos:

Chrystal teaching

teaching marta (the girl who was major SWAG) "concentration 54"

kindergarten boys

kindergarten classroom

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Causa de los Examenes

Daneli and Joni reading Bible story books to me in English

Day 13-Monday, June 27, 2011

Today was our first day going to the Rio Esteban school from open until close. We went down to the bus stop at around 6:20 and caught the bus a little bit later...afterall, it's Latin America. I'm fine with that, though, since i'm usually late to things.
We rode the bus about 30 minutes to the school (maybe a little longer bc we passed the school and picked kids up and then went back). Chrystal and I got to talk to Joseph, a teacher at Rio Esteban. He's extremely good at English, so we talked in English with him.
When we got to the school, we got assigned our jobs for the rest of the summer. I was placed with 4 kids along with Chrystal since Chrystal teaches special ed back home and since I can speak enough Spanish to translate when necessary. We got 4 of the "remedial" kids...the ones who are just a little behind in certain subjects. The kids were Joni (who played the guitar for me), Estaysy, Fernando, and Reina Daneli (neither of those is her last name, haha). Working with them turned out to be a lot of fun, but it was also EXTREMELY challenging. This is "exam week" for all of the grades, so we had to administer an exam to these 4 kids. It was basic translation of Spanish to English or knowing English phrases, etc. Joni and Reina did pretty well, finishing much earlier than Fernando and Estaysy. We ended up having to spend the entire day working on the 4 page test with Fernando and Estaysy. Fernando gets very frustrated and doesn't want to work. Bictelia told me that he has a poor home situation, so I figured that we have to give him a lot of discipline but also a lot of lovin' while we're here. Estaysy came to the school only 3 months ago. She doesnt know much English, so I had to translate most of her test for her..she was having a rough time. She won't pay attention if she's not understanding. A lot of people misinterpret it as being persistent and not willing to learn, but i really just think that she doesnt understand. I took her into the "cool room" aka the only room with AC (the only room with AC that i've encountered since home haha) and worked on times tables. She was so excited when she got them right. She doesnt know them very well, but i can tell that she wants to know. She doesnt not want to learn, but she just needs a lot of 1 on 1 attention.
We played some games to practice math, and then the day ended an hour earlier than usual a causa de los examenes (bc of the exams). We rode the bus back, played some bball, got to work out, and we ate dinner. We finished off the night with watching a cool youtube video about faith and then an account of a Muslim woman who asked God for the truth, and she received a vision of Jesus, ultimately turning into a Christian at that moment. It was a neat story!

Some of the kids being silly

2 of my 4 students-Joni and Reina Daneli--love them

yoni and another student

Chrystal and Reina Daneli

Love is spelled "T-I-M-E"

Day 12-Sunday, June 26, 2011
Saturday evening, the neighbors, Penny and John, came over to talk about their testimonies, and I forgot to write in yesterday's account about my favorite things John said. 1. Love should be spelled in one way: "T-I-M-E". 2. God doesn't care about our abilities as much as our availabilities. Also, a mneumonic device to remember what "40 days of purpose" says about what we should do if we follow Christ. ACIME: Adoration, Community, Imitation (of Christ), and Evangelism.
ANYWHO...BACK TO DOMINGO: Today, we got up and went to the high school Sunday school class in the Rumbaugh's main casa. It was a good time of discussing the Bible and what we've personally learned this week. We then watched a sermon called "Lukewarm and Loving It" by Francis Chan. Here are some of the things I wrote from that morning, some of which are direct quotes while others are my thoughts.

He discusses how a large fraction of the world only lives off of 2 dollars a day. He then throws out 2-1 dollar bills and says "see. nobodys jumping for that...they think "whats the big deal?" but someone who makes that in a day would DIVE for it.

-We say "the way they live is so strange" but they say that the way WE live is so strange.
-"We are so weird. We're so filthy rich, yet most of you think you're not."
-You are so rich, and some of you would call yourselves broke."--This puts you at a serious disadvantage spiritually.
-"On this planet, the toughest people to reach are in this room" (referring to the people he was preaching to aka "the rich"

Read Luke 18:20-22

-"What is impossible with men is possible with God"
-(referring to America)-This is one of the hardest places on Earth to share God, for them to get it.

Read Revelation 13:16
"B/c you are lukewarm-neither cold nor hot-I'm going to spit you out of my mouth."

-Some people don't want to be on fire. They want a little bit of God, but they have enough God in their lives right now. They're content with not being on fire for God

-We compare God to the world, clinging onto material possessions. God says "Gah...are you really comparing the Maker of the world to an itty bitty earthly possession?"

We then went down to worship, but it was ovaaa (no, not the scientific term for egg, but "over") instead we joined in with an adult Sunday School class/Bible study. We read in Exodus 32: The Golden Caf.

Read Exodus 32:9-12
I was confused at this verse, but Mrs. Rumbaugh, with all of her wisdom!, cleared it up. She said something along these lines:
"It's ridiculous to think that God would've gone back on his promise but was convinced not to by human reason. This is a hyperbole just to show us HOW BAD this was in God's eyes. He wouldn't actually go back on His promise, only being save from doing so by "human reason".

On a different topic, Brad (the guy who helped us slaughter chickens) said: "We were never meant to consume the apple of knowledge of Good and Evil. We were never meant to have to deal with it. We weren't created for that function, to decipher between Good and Evil and see them both and have a battle between right and wrong. We were not created to do that, but since Adam and Eve did consume from that tree, we are forced to deal with the consequences.

After all of this, we came back, ate, did some chores, played basketball, and ate dinner. 'Twas a nice and relaxing dia.


Summer Olympics are this year??

Skit representing the history of the Bible in the Bible storying cloth

Paraiso showing us their skit to the Bible storying cloth

Day 11-Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today was a fun day! We got up and had the “ice cream truck” aka the van packed up with all of the goodies that the kids and teachers would be winning as prizes in the Olympics. With a few minor difficulties (like not having the keys to a certain room, etc.) we made it there still being calm (because Amanda said ‘this just adds to the adventure’). I like her outlook. Instead of seeing these problems as stressful, why don’t we see them as the next part of our obstacle that we need to overcome, but it wont be life or death if we don’t fix it ASAP.

We got there expecting about 60 some kids..lies. there were over 100 people there! They represented different schools from 7 or 8 different communities including Balfate, Paraiso, LisLis, Las Flores, and many more that I cant think of off the top of my head. We set up and then we were split up with the groups to be “judges” for Las Olimpiadas, the Olympics (Educational Olympics, that is). I chose to be the judge of Paraiso. Remember Paradise I talked about? That terribly difficult hike up the mountains? WELP, they woke up in the early morning to walk down to Balfate just to participate! They had nearly everyone from their community there. How impressive! Their group included some young kids, even! I was amazed. Not only were they there, but they were excited and ready to participate. I saw Linda and Gleni again and some of the other kids. I also met Humberto, an excited boy about 10 years old. During all of the songs, Humberto kept looking over and smiling at me. He was so proud to have known all of the songs that he just couldn’t hold his excitement in any longer! Also, Linda kept looking over and smiling, just happy to be there. It really “melted my heart” a little bit to see them there and so happy. They even remembered my name. Now I see why knowing someone’s name is so important here and why building relationships is so important. It really makes you feel special.

While watching them, I began thinking about whether I really would’ve had the dedication to walk down the mountain 2-2.5 hours just to attend this event and then plan on walking back up in the mid-day amidst all of the heat. Then I thought, “Well, even if I had decided to attend, would I have been so happy or excited, or would I have been cranky and tired and wanting people to know that I had to walk far to get there? They’re such committed, tough, and dedicated people. They really impressed me and left an impact on me. Do things without complaining and do them for the glory of God. They came down here with their “swag” and showed us how to praise God through their hard work and knowledge. Imagine if we all had dedication like that..just imagine. What would the world even be like? Would we have a need for missions, or would every area of the world be enlightened by the Gospel?

After all of the individuals competed for the “bronze” prizes (which included soccer balls and bags we made up that included school supplies and some other things like donated “tech vests” and polo shirts), each community competed as a group for “silver” prizes. Some communities made skits to the bible storying cloth. Others made up songs and dances. Others just showed their knowledge of the songs again. (Videos will be attached if able). It was cool to see the work they did and their passion, especially in Rio Esteban where they made different dances to songs. Different silver prizes included ones for the community including solar panels, a basketball hoop, portable DVD player, and soccer uniforms.

Finally, the judges chose the top people in each group who seemed like they knew the songs the best. They all went up and competed for “gold” prizes which included guitars, bilingual or picture bibles, and other cool prizes.

When it was all over, we packed up and headed out. Dr. Don drove the people from Paraiso to the bottom of the mountain so they didn’t have to walk the long distance on the main road, too. I rode on the top of the vehicle next to Humberto and Gleni. We got to talk in Spanish and they were telling me what the different fruit trees were when we passed them. They were really cute and just loved to share and talk. I enjoyed talking to them a lot. I also helped Humberto learn a few words in English, and he was really eager to learn them. Humberto, another guy, and their teacher, Ever, are planning on coming to our house (walking from Paraiso) on Tuesday before their “H&M”—(Honduras misioneros, I believe..or something of that manner) meeting to practice speaking with us. They’re going to practice Spanish with us while we help them with English. Ever said he’d help us make tortillas, too. They’re just so loving and kind and nice and eager to learn. I love their vigor and spirit.

We then left them and spent the rest of the day doing our chores, packing up backpacks with school supplies to give out sometime, and playing a little bit of basketball. We then enjoyed our dinner and watched “Hogan’s Heroes”..I, of course, fell asleep bc I seem to never be able to stay awake during any movie (wonder who I got that from *cough* MOM *cough*).

Overall, it was a good day. I learned a lot. I learned more about God’s love and the passion some people have for him here. I learned about dedication and willingness to do things without complaining. I also got to have great fellowship with great people. Praise the Lord for everything.


Humberto, from Paraiso, with his premios

Participants from the school Rio Esteban performing a little routine they concocted

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bye-a Bye-a Gallina

Day 10, June 23, 2011
Today was an eventful day! We got up and went down near the children's center to check out the agricultural part of the property. Since the Hospital Loma de Luz is nearly bankrupt, they need to make some cha ching in order to support itself and the people they have to care for (ended with a preposition..dang it! haha). SO (started with a conjunction...dang it!) they are growing all types of plants and have animals, too, to make profit. Brad is in charge of this, and he showed us all of the things there. It was cool to see his passion for agriculture and farming and everything. He showed us what a banana tree really looks like (its not like a palm tree with bananas...thats what i thought it was like! haha its more like a bunch of layers circling around like a plant all in its trunk. Then we got to learn about palm seed oil and how it is the best oil there is. Unfortunately, the plant only grows in tropical climates (originally in West Africa) BUT it sure does help them on the farm. Brad was also showing us his techniques for farming and making his own fertilizer, etc. He gave one of many examples of how he can increase the number of Hondurans he can employ. He said that if he stops buying fertilizer from big companies and hires 2 men to make fertilizer there, it is not only more effective fertilizer, but he's taking that money and instead of giving it to a big company (which isnt bad in itself, but what im going to say next is BETTER for Honduran economy), he's going to employ 2 men who can now provide for their families. SO even if it costs the same, it is helping more people survive, which is cool.
He then showed us the new chicks he got (so adorable) and then the different coops (sp?) they have for the different ages of chickens. The chickens bred for eating are bred already in a way that at 9 weeks of life, they are too big for their legs to support them and their lungs and organs can barely support them. SO at 6 weeks, it is more humane to slaughter them, then, rather then waiting til they get bigger at 9 weeks where they're suffering more. I know this sounds gross or inhumane, but it is a part of life and its a necessary means. Therefore, they had chickens that they had to "euthanize" (to put it lightly). That meant that we had the opportunity to do it. I wont go into the details as some people are queezier than others, but if you want to know, you can ask me personally. Anyways, i sucked it up and cut one of its heads off and plucked it, just to experience what its like for some of these workers to do this all of the time. Don't worry, we didnt just kill them to kill them. That's inhumane. They had to be slaughtered in order to feed people: some for the children in the children's center and then others are sold to people. Therefore, people can be fed at a low rate but the hospital is also making money so that it can stay open and ultimately save people's lives and help people more. Thus, it's just a cycle of life. It's gruesome, but "sea lo que sea" (it is what it is). I told myself that i wouldnt hold myself back from experience here, so i wasn't going to not try this daunting task at least once. Now i can say that i've prepared dinner from scratch.
Then, we went to the Rio Esteban school. I got to see Usher and Johnny and other kids, again. Johnny played his guitar for me..He was shy, but I got a video. I'll try to post it, but im having trouble posting videos. I'll at least have a picture. One of the feisty little girls also put on sunglasses and literally started rapping..hilarious. I'll try to attach a video there, too. If not, i'll at least include the photo. We got to play soccer with the kids and go over the songs to prepare for the Knowledge Olimpiadas (Olympics) tomorrow. We got to get oriented with the kids, as that is where we're going to spend the remainder of our trip. We were thirsty, so i bought some "topos" which they made at the school. Topos are just bags of flavored ice and you bite open a side and eat from there. 1 lempira for 1 topo...aka 4 cents per topo (barato, eh?).
We then left and were heading home with the group from Ohio, but the director of the school, Bictelia, and her daughter who helps with the school, Delmi, and another teacher said that before we went home we'd "have to see the beach." We thought she just wanted us to see the ocean, so we just said "okay" and seemed kind of confused. Then, she had us go up on this little beach house/cabin and there were plates all set up. She had planned and prepared a big lunch for us! It was really a "goodbye and thank you for helping us" lunch for the Ohio group, but we got to reap the benefits of their farewell, too haha. It was a FEAST. We ate chicken (which was rough to do initially...but it was deliciously prepared, so I couldnt resist). I even got to try "ensalada de caracol" no, i didnt just write my first name and half of my second name...caracol means "SNAIL" in spanish. SNAIL SALAD. and guess what? it was GOOD. haha The snail really didnt taste like anything. Then Bictelia gave us all REALLY NICE bracelets that a guy in town made. She gave one to everyone. She is literally the sweetest woman i think i've ever met. This was all just for helping in her school!
I then discovered that when people in Honduras smile for a pic, they dont say "cheese" bc thats not a word, so they say "whiskey" which opens their mouth up like cheese does for us in english. it was really funny. Bictelia explained that all to me! haha
We then came back and started packing up all of the prizes the kids would win in the Olympics tomorrow. We packed it all in the car then we ate dinner and winded down by watching "chariots of fire"...and thats all!
It's cool to see the different aspects of life and how God works in all of them. No matter if it is to sacrifice the life of a chicken to ultimately benefit his children or sacrificing your possessions in order to give people you love a nice lunch. God is good all the time

PS We found a huge, smushed toad on the road in the that's what one of the photos is.